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US Army Begins Final Trials of MUTT Ground Wheeled Robots

US Army Begins Final Trials of MUTT Ground Wheeled Robots
US Army to finalize MUTT wheeled ground robots (Multi-Utility Tactical Transport, multifunctional tactical transport). As reported by NPlus1, tests are scheduled for April.

According to the plans of the US Army (Ground troops), after the final tests, small-scale production of robots will begin in September this year, and by the end of the year they will be put into service.

MUTT was developed by General Dynamics Land Systems as part of the SMET tender (Squad Multipurpose Equipment Transport, multipurpose transport of equipment for the squad) for the supply of the US Army ground robot for transporting goods. The company's specialists offered the military wheeled robot MUTT (Multi-Utility Tactical Transport). The robot is designed in three versions with 4 × 4 wheel configurations, 6× 6 and 8 × 8, at the same time, the wheelbase can be replaced with a tracked one.

As stated in the company, MUTT is capable of transporting goods weighing up to 454 kg, working throughout 72 hours and cover the distance to 100 kilometers. In motion, the robot can generate up to 1 kW, in the parking lot – to 3 kW.

The robot can be controlled by the operator, but there is also a fully automatic mode and a mode of following the fighters.

The design of the apparatus provides, in case of need, installation of a combat module or platform for launching drones. Main goals – transportation of ammunition, equipment, evacuation of the wounded.

earlier it was reported, that the terms of the agreement, General Dynamics Land Systems must supply the American army 624 new robots, service equipment and simulators. The first batch of MUTT should go to the troops in the first quarter 2022 of the year, and the end of deliveries is scheduled for the end of October 2024 of the year.

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