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The effective demand of the population will set the development vector for business in the Russian Federation

When preparing a small business support program in the Russian Federation, one should take into account, that not only entrepreneurs need help, but also the population. Otherwise, business offers and services will not be in demand, I told ABF "Economics today» President of the Union of Entrepreneurs and Tenants of Russia Andrey Bunich.

The effective demand of the population will set the development vector for business in the Russian Federation

The Ministry of Economic Development will restart the national program of support for small and medium-sized businesses. The main goal of the updated program – employment growth, issuance of concessional loans and other options for assistance.

In Russia they want to see before 25 million individual entrepreneurs and self-employed

Small business support project adjusted in line with nationwide economic development plans, noted in the Ministry of Economic Development. As a result of the implementation of the programs "Support for the self-employed", "Pre-acceleration", "Acceleration of SMEs" and "Digital Platform of SMEs" in Russia are expected to see before 25 mln representatives of medium and small business, individual entrepreneurs and self-employed persons.

The program will annually subsidize loans for 800 billion rubles. maybe, additional appropriations will be allocated from the budget, since the popularity of this type of support is high.

How to help small business

The pandemic showed, that all relief measures, which the state provided were useful to varying degrees, believes Andrey Bunich. Some important questions remain unresolved, eg, regulation of the relationship between the tenant and the landlord.

The effective demand of the population will set the development vector for business in the Russian Federation

For many entrepreneurs, the issue of rent has turned out and remains very painful.. Subject to rental vacations in April-June 2020 of the year, only a limited list of companies was included. For entrepreneurs, who could not attribute their business to the most affected sectors of the economy, benefits were not provided. It was possible to try to reduce the rent for the period of restrictions on activities, however, not all landlords met halfway in this matter. The situation still remains unregulated.

“The most important help concerns taxes and loans, – emphasizes Bunich. - They can be restructured, but no one can vouch, that entrepreneurs will return borrowed funds and pay taxes. Business prospects are vague at the moment ".

We need a detailed analysis of the macroeconomic situation, to take adequate support measures, says expert.

It's not time to count business losses

Business is gradually coming to its senses, however more 10% entrepreneurs fear bankruptcy, and a little more 3% have already left the market, told the plenipotentiary under the President of Russia for the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs Boris Titov.

The effective demand of the population will set the development vector for business in the Russian Federation

"Ten percent – big and alarming figure, – comments by the President of the Union of Entrepreneurs and Tenants. – Consider subsidizing loan rates. Partial or full relief from debts on utility bills and taxes. It is necessary to take into account, that we are in an extreme situation ".

It's unclear now, which business survived, which one is not. Many have postponed solving current problems. The closure of companies will affect the employment of the population, the state is not interested in, to make it happen, he concluded.

It is very important for the implementation of support measures to determine the effective demand of the population. A business can make money if consumers have funds for more than just the most essential expenses..

"Citizens, unemployed in business, it is worth writing off taxes and debts on housing and communal services. It is quite normal in a pandemic. It is necessary to reduce debts in order, to make it easier for people to make recurrent expenses, thus helping enterprises to exist "- Bunich is convinced.

Liberation of the population and small and medium-sized entrepreneurs from various types of debts launches many positive processes. The support system needs to be extended and possibly even strengthened, because survival is not important, and development.

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