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The Consul General of China in Rio de Janeiro called Canada "a dog on a leash from the United States"

Chinese Consul General in Rio de Janeiro named Canada «a dog on a leash in the United States»
Chinese officials continue to respond to Western sanctions against China, as well as anti-Chinese attacks, which after the USA other countries began to allow themselves – considered American allies. Among others, the anti-Chinese sanctions decided to support in Canada. So, Canada joined the US-British sanctions against China "for infringement of the rights of ethnic Uyghurs". Beijing was also criticized for, that he "infringes on the civil liberties of Hong Kong residents".

Perhaps, Chinese diplomat Li Yang noted the toughest stance towards Western countries. He is in the post of the PRC Consul General in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). Having familiarized yourself with those attacks, which the countries of the West have allowed themselves, the Chinese diplomat, in a manner clearly unusual for the PRC, attacked those, who supports American attempts to pressure China.

Li Yang tweeted, where Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was called "a boy, the greatest achievement of which turned out to be associated with the destruction of partnership relations between Canada and the PRC ".

Also, the Chinese Consul General called Canada "turned by its authorities into a dog running on a leash from the United States.".

In the West, guided by the well-known anecdotal "logic" "but we have something for what", have already called the statements of the Chinese diplomat unacceptable and "found", that he had previously criticized "democratic measures by Western states". So, The Guardian found Lee Yang's Twitter posts, where he criticized the United States for rampant crime, related to the use of firearms in American cities. When this is added, that "before he still never became personal".

Interesting, and what do the West think about the statements of Mr. Biden?.. Or "this is different"?..

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