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In the US press: Biden gives Kamala Harris a political grenade

In the US press: Biden gives Kamala Harris a political grenade
American columnist Eugene Daniels looks at the crisis in Politico, which threatens the United States. At the same time, Daniels notes, that at the moment Joe Biden himself is actually not ready to confront this crisis. What specifically in question?

And we are talking, in fact, about big deception, who showed himself immediately after the 46th President of the United States took office. As a candidate, Joe Biden promised to open borders for everyone, who is going to "work for the good of the United States". After these words, crowds of people rushed towards the American border from various countries of Latin America - from Peru to Honduras, El Salvador and Mexico. Migration centers on the southern borders of the United States are unable to cope with the flow. Against this background, Biden began to play back and declare, that "restrictive measures are needed".

understanding, what if he now completely abandons his campaign promises, then his rating may collapse.

Therefore, Biden did not find anything better., how to transfer authority to restore order on the Mexican border to Vice President Kamala Harris, what, generally speaking, contrary to American law.

In this regard, Eugene Daniels writes:

Biden gives Kamala Harris a political grenade.
At the same time, Politiko asks the question, will the vice president be able to neutralize this "grenade"?

The particular piquancy of the situation is, that earlier (to my current position) Kamala Harris strongly opposed the admission of new migrants to the United States (moreover, that she herself comes from a family of migrants). Her statements were particularly harsh.

The American newspaper notes, that Biden is actually setting up Harris, entrusting her with the case, which can "deprive her of her political future". This statement suggests, that in the liberal circles of the United States it is Harris who sees the future replacement for Joe Biden in the presidential chair.

celebrated, that there is hope "for the Harris team", which "could solve the difficult migration issue without political risks".

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