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British press: Putin turns Russia into an invulnerable money fortress

British press: Putin turns Russia into an invulnerable money fortress
From that moment, how in 2014 year, the Russian Federation faced sanctions for Crimea and a decline in oil prices, Putin has become very careful and methodically turns Russia into an invulnerable money fortress. And he managed to make her almost immune to any external stress..

The authoritative expert Ruchir Sharma is surprised at this in his article, written by him for the British newspaper Financial Times.

British press notes, that Western sanctions not only did not cause significant damage to the Russian Federation, but also made her stronger. On the fortress called "Russia" from their blows there was not even any noticeable pothole. At the moment, According to the expert, the economy of our country is the most stable in comparison with many other countries.

Sharma thinks, that one of the main foundations of Russia's financial stability is state regulation of the national currency exchange rate and the inflation rate. This economic policy led to, that the country was ready for the crisis, associated with the coronavirus pandemic. By the beginning of this period, the volume of Russia's public debt among 20 the largest developing economies on the planet was the smallest - only 14 percent.

These events showed, that today the Russian economy is much less vulnerable to external influences, than in the same 2014 year. This means, that pinpoint sanctions, which western countries have introduced in recent years, incapable of causing significant harm to her.

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