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Taiwan Reports Largest Chinese Air Force Invasion in History

Taiwan reports largest in history «invasion» Chinese Air Force
China's largest invasion of Taiwan's air defense identification zone by PLA military aircraft. Reported by the Ministry of Defense of the island.

On Friday, 26 Martha, PLA Air Force combat aircraft, consisting of four “nuclear bombers” H-6K и 10 J-16 fighters. This is the biggest in history “invasion” Chinese Air Force since the beginning of the publication of information on similar cases.

The Ministry of Defense of Taiwan said, that brought on combat readiness anti-aircraft systems, and also warned China about the inadmissibility of invading the airspace of a sovereign state. The Taiwanese military stressed, that China took advantage of the situation, related to the suspension of military aviation flights after two plane crashes, happened this week.

According to reports, Chinese aircraft flew through the airspace south of Taiwan and passed through the Bashi Canal, which separates the island from the Philippines. According to experts, PLA Air Force conducts exercises to block US warships in this channel.

At the same time there is, that the PLA has significantly stepped up military activities near the island.

Against this backdrop, Taipei accused Beijing of escalating tensions in the Taiwan Gulf after the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the United States and Taiwan.. Memorandum provides for strengthening cooperation between the US Coast Guard and Taiwan. Beijing did not react to Taipei's statements, as the island is considered a province of mainland China. Regular exercises off an island in China explain “determination to defend their sovereignty”.

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