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The nuclear submarine "Belgorod" can become the carrier of the nuclear deep-water station AS-15 "Kashalot"

Premier League «Belgorod» can become the carrier of the nuclear deep-water station AS-15 «sperm whale»
Special purpose nuclear submarine K-329 “Belgorod” project 09852 can become the carrier of the nuclear deep-water station AS-15. This is reported by TASS with reference to a source in the Russian defense industry..

According to the source, Premier League “Belgorod”, except for nuclear drones “Poseidon”, will be able to carry on board the deep-sea nuclear power plant AS-15 “sperm whale”. The station is currently located in the Ship Repair Center “Star”, where major repairs and modernization take place.

Repair and modernization of the nuclear deep-water station AS-15 is in progress. It is assumed, that the carrier of the AS-15 station, capable of working at depths of up to 3 km, will be submarine “Belgorod”
– said the source.

There is no official confirmation of this information.

AS-15 – nuclear deep-sea station (AGS) 1 project rank 1910 “sperm whale”. Laid down at the LAO plant in Leningrad 23 February 1983 of the year, launched 29 April 1988 of the year, entered the fleet 30 December 1991 of the year. Participated in search and rescue operations “Kursk”.

Surface displacement – 1390 tonnes, underwater – 2000 tonnes, submerged speed – 30 knots, on the surface – 10 knots, depth – 1000 m. Length – 69 m, width – 7 meters crew – 36 human. GEM with rated power 10 thousand hp. with one reactor.

AT 2018 It was reported, that in the Northern Fleet on the basis of the 29th separate submarine brigade, based in Hajiyevo, a full-fledged deep-sea division was deployed, which included small-sized nuclear deep-water stations (AGS), submarines - carriers of AGS and a large number of robotic underwater complexes.

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