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"Questionable air superiority": in the Chinese media believe, that the US turned the F-35 from a fighter into an attack aircraft or bomber

«Questionable air superiority»: in the Chinese media believe, that the US turned the F-35 from a fighter into an attack aircraft or bomber
Chinese media discuss the situation, which has developed around the program for the creation of 5th generation F-35 fighters in the United States. Recall, that the Biden administration is trying to cut costs for this program, in connection with plans for the general optimization of the expenditure side of the military budget. The reports of American generals say, that instead of reducing the cost of operating F-35 fighters, there is an increase in these same costs, at the same time, military pilots continue to identify numerous flaws on aircraft.

The Chinese edition of Sina discusses this situation., and the strangeness is noted: why about the problems with the program and the fighters themselves, the authorities in the United States and the American command started talking after the production of more than 600 such aircraft, and also after a raid under 400 thousand hours?

The Americans used the F-35 in combat missions, are engaged in their active deliveries abroad, flying time is hundreds of thousands of hours, and suddenly now they started talking about the need to reduce the costs of the program.
You can recall the crash of the F-35 in Japan, which has remained virtually unexplored. The thing is, that it is not profitable for the United States to voice the real reasons for the plane crash into the sea, nor Japan, although an extensive investigation team worked. If we recognize the technical defect of the oxygen supply system for the pilot (as experts originally suggested), it will damage the manufacturer, after all, to this day, no modernization of this system has been carried out. Pilots keep complaining about problems, associated with a lack of oxygen when piloting. The Japanese are silent, At first, so as not to offend a strategic partner, Secondly, (if the accident was caused by the pilot) so as not to cast a shadow on the level of training of their military pilots.

The Chinese press notes, that the US itself calls the F-35 "the best fighter in the world", while finally turning the plane from a fighter "into an attack aircraft or a bomber". It is in this form that it is used in the Israeli Air Force. (against objects in Syria). Additionally noted, that for a number of reasons it is not used to intercept – financially and because of "dubious air superiority".

From the comments of Chinese readers:

In this regard, officials in the United States are similar to officials in India.: they also have the best. It's fun.
Trailer: as if in China itself, in this regard, everything is different ...

Really. Excessive emphasis on that, that the F-35 is multipurpose, led to, that it can be effectively used against ground vehicles, acting as an attack aircraft or bomber, but he has problems with the functions of a fighter. The F-35 already has clear air superiority problems.
The Chinese media noted, that using the expensive-to-operate F-35 against ground targets is ineffective, since today there are much cheaper aircraft for this - drones.

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