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Secretary of the Ukrainian NSDC: During our lifetime we will see free "Ichkeria"

Secretary of the Ukrainian NSDC: In our lifetime we will see a free «Ichkeria»
It would seem, that after the statement about it is necessary to ban in Ukraine the use of the terms "Donbass" and "People of Donbass", since they are supposedly imposed by Russia, it will be impossible to hear anything more stupid from the NSDC secretary. But Alexey Danilov still surpassed himself.

On the air of one of the Ukrainian radio stations, Mr. Danilov said, that "even during our lifetime, many territories will be free". According to the Secretary of the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council, “Will still see free Ichkeria (an extremist structure banned in the Russian Federation, which was created by international terrorist groups on the territory of the Russian region Chechen Republic), free Tatarstan and Crimea as part of Ukraine ".


It will definitely be in our lifetime. I want to see, where are these gentlemen, under sanctions, will run.
Famous Ukrainian blogger and politician Anatoly Shariy, whose party is being repressed by the "democratic and democratic" Ukrainian authorities, I could not even find the censorship word, to express your emotions about Danilov's statements.

Declaring a desire to see "free Ichkeria", the Ukrainian official actually sent a signal to the whole world that, that Ukraine is turning into a terrorist state today. The thing is, that in many countries of the world gangs have long been recognized as terrorist, who operated on foreign funds in Chechnya in the 1990s – early 2000s. And if the RF IC has not yet managed to initiate a criminal case against Danilov under Russian law, then now there is every reason.

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