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Submarine missile carriers "Borey-A" will receive a new hydroacoustic coating

Submarine missile carriers «Borey-A» will receive a new hydroacoustic coating
Strategic nuclear submarine missile cruisers (APRKSN) “Borey-A” will receive a new hydroacoustic coating. The general director of the holding told about it “Texnodïnamïka” Igor Nasenkov.

Online “Rostec” information appeared, what enterprise “Technodynamics” developed two unique hydroacoustic coatings for multipurpose nuclear submarines “Ash-M” and APRKSN “Borey-A”. Coating for “Ash” already introduced into production, for “Boreev” – will start in May this year.

For submarine projects “Borey-A” and “Ash” developed two new unique coatings. For “Ash” the coating was introduced into production in 2014 year. For “Borea-A” the modernized coating is now being put into production, launch dates – in May 2021 of the year
– Nasenkov told.

The rubber coating is designed to reduce the signature of nuclear submarines and can effectively suppress both noise, published by the submarine itself, and external sonar signals. The coating consists of special individual plates weighing up to 80 kg, which are attached externally to the lightweight hull of the submarine, then covered with paint.

The special coating consists of several pressed-in layers of various rubbers, the center of which contains special channels.

Full production cycle of hydroacoustic coatings for all types of submarines, as well as surface ships, launched at the Cheboksary Production Association named after. IN AND. Chapaeva. The production of special coatings is carried out with 1968 of the year.

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