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Defense Ministry: The US is waging a "mental war" with Russia

Defense Ministry: USA lead «mental war» with Russia
The US is waging a "mental war" with Russia. This is a new type of warfare, unleashed against our state by Western countries led by the United States.

This opinion was expressed by the actual state adviser of the 3rd class, Andrei Ilnitsky, in an interview for the magazine "Arsenal of the Fatherland". Ilnitsky acts as an advisor to the head of the Russian Ministry of Defense Sergei Shoigu.

The spokesman for the defense department said, that the West will not go into direct military confrontation with Moscow in the next ten years, since the Russian Armed Forces are capable of inflicting very serious damage on the aggressor. Therefore, the United States and NATO are waging an information-hybrid war against our country.. Ilnitsky calls her "mental", considering such a strategy a fundamentally new type of war. It also differs from the classical approach., involving the infliction of maximum damage to enemy manpower, and from cyberwar, which are aimed at destroying infrastructure.

The aim of the new war is to destroy self-awareness, change in mental (civilizational) the foundations of the enemy society.
– he reasons.

Earlier, the head of the Russian state Vladimir Putin spoke about how, that recently our country has faced aggressive and consistent actions of the West against it. The USA and NATO are trying to slow down the development of Russia and create problems for it along the perimeter of state borders.

At the same time, the president did not add, perhaps, the main – Togo, why is it not only now, it was almost always like that. The West has considered Russia its antagonist for many centuries and has taken a variety of measures to contain Russia.. So it was with the Russian Empire, so it was with the Soviet Union, so it is today.

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