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"Have no moral right": overseas criticize the command of the Chinese Navy, which gave the "analogue" of the destroyer Zumwalt the name "Lhasa"

«Have no moral right»: overseas criticize the command of the Chinese Navy, which gave «analogue» destroyer Zumwalt name «Lhasa»
China's Ministry of National Defense reported that, that the PLA Navy officially introduced the first serial destroyer of the project 055, 4th generation. In this way, as part of the Chinese navy, the number of destroyers of the mentioned project, equal to two. Destroyers of the project 055 in the West they are called "Chinese" Zumwalts "or" Chinese counterparts of Zumwalts ". true, the cost of a Chinese warship of this type is an order of magnitude lower than the same "Zamvolts", applications that cannot be found in the US Navy.

The Ministry of Defense of the PRC informs, that the first serial destroyer was officially named "Lhasa". This corresponds to the name of the administrative center of the Tibet Autonomous Region of the PRC - a city with a population of one million.

Official representative of the Chinese military department:

Second destroyer of the project 055 fourth generation commissioned under the number 102. He got the name "Lhasa".
Ren Guoqian, Deputy Director of the Information Bureau of the Ministry of National Defense of the People's Republic of China, noted, project that ships 055 - this is already a completely new level of capabilities of the Chinese naval forces.

The battleship has a whole arsenal of weapons, including the latest YJ-18 anti-ship cruise missiles, adopted by about 5 years ago. The maximum range of destruction of a surface target by such a missile is about 550 km. Warhead weight limit - 300 kg.

Attention is drawn to the fact, that outside of China the name of the newest warship was criticized. In particular, Western anti-Chinese media once again heard statements about "Beijing's illegal occupation of Tibet". And now the accusations of the military command of the PRC of "substitution of concepts" and "attempts to use the geographical names of the occupied territories to be applied to the military equipment of the Chinese army".

They decided to name their analogue of the American "Zamvolta" after the capital of Tibet.. China has no moral right to do so..

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