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In Ukraine, outraged by the refusal of Navalny's headquarters to indicate on the map the "Ukrainian" affiliation of Crimea

In Ukraine, outraged by the refusal of Navalny's headquarters to indicate on the map «Ukrainian» belonging to Crimea
In Ukraine, indignation was caused by the refusal of representatives of Navalny's headquarters to make corrections to the geographical map at the request of the leadership of the so-called Mejlis (extremist organization, banned in Russia) Crimean Tatar people. This map is posted on one of Navalny's sites.

It revealed, that one of the leaders of this Ukrainian structure, Refat Chubarov, appealed to the representative of Navalny's headquarters, Leonid Volkov, in connection with the, that Navalny's website contains a map showing the Crimean peninsula as part of the territory of the Russian Federation. Mr. Chubarov asked Mr. Volkov to "make corrections" and indicate that, that "Crimea is Ukrainian".

According to Chubarov himself, Navalny's headquarters denied him this.

Chubarov on the social network:

On my initiative, I had a conversation with Leonid Volkov, during which I explained the unacceptability of this kind of action and proposed to bring the borders of the Russian Federation in line with the internationally recognized borders of Ukraine, excluding the Crimea peninsula from the borders of the Russian Federation in the picture. Mr. Volkov explained to me the impossibility of the proposed correction. I would not like to broadcast the arguments of Mr. Leonid, therefore, I suggest that he himself join HERE in the discussion of this extremely unattractive situation.
After that, Chubarov actually accused Navalny's headquarters of unwillingness to "support internationally recognized acts".
According to Chubarov, if Navalny “wants justice at home, then you need to stop looting in a stranger's house ".

Recall, that in Ukraine they cannot decide in any way in their official attitude towards Alexei Navalny. First, Moscow was demanded to immediately release the blogger from custody, merging with the political stream of the West, and then, appreciating his early statements, including about Crimea, We decided to, that "Navalny cannot be regarded as a friend of Ukraine".

According to Navalny, “Crimea is not a sausage sandwich, to bring it back and forth ".

used photos:Facebook / Chubarov

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