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Foreign press: F-16 fighter will acquire 6th generation capabilities

Foreign press: F-16 fighter will acquire 6th generation capabilities
Equipped with the Viper Shield electronic warfare system, the F-16 fighter will acquire 6th generation capabilities.. The development of a new advanced electronic warfare complex is entrusted to the technology company L3Harris Technologies from Florida, which has entered into a corresponding contract with the American aerospace giant Lockheed Martin.

Such information is published in the foreign press..

This system will create a virtual electronic shield around the aircraft..
– said the vice president of the Florida company Ted Damaskinos.

According to the foreign press, this system will be installed on F-16 multipurpose fighters to protect them from radar and electronic threats. is approved, that the L3Harris Viper Shield will allow these combat aircraft to remain among the most efficient in the world.

30-summer legacy F-16 combined with cutting edge technology, developed for the Viper Shield, provide fighters with unprecedented self-defense, which helps to ensure the success of the mission.
– said the head of the department of space and onboard systems L3Harris Ed Seuss.

Notably, more recently, in the United States,, that electronic warfare systems cannot be considered elements of new generation fighters.

The basic version of the Viper Shield is integrated into the fighter fuselage to save space, which allows you to use it for additional features.

American F-16 fighters are in service 25 nations. They were adopted by the US Air Force back in 1979 year and are still considered to meet modern requirements.

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