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The American press: USA stopped winning wars

The American press: USA stopped winning wars
United States, being, probably, militarily strongest state, are leaving Iraq today and are unable to influence the situation in Afghanistan. There are many reasons for this., but one of the main ones is the actions of American politicians.

This is how American expert Lawrence Korb thinks in his article, published by National Review. In it, the author discusses an article by another colleague., Binga West, printed by the same edition, and trying to find out, why did the US stop winning wars.

Both experts are well versed in the question., because they have a relationship in military service. In addition, each of them had a chance to visit Vietnam., Afghanistan and Iraq, where the US was the losers in wars. And about that, that Washington lost in the Iraqi and Afghan wars, American experts themselves say. celebrated, that in Afghanistan terrorists still control vast territories, and Washington is forced to make concessions to them and look for ways to withdraw troops. Although at one time, in the same situation, the States declared the USSR the defeated.

West thinks, that one of the main reasons for the defeat of the United States in the Vietnam War lies in the fact, that it started on a far-fetched occasion. America launched hostilities in Indochina in response to an alleged North Vietnamese attack on a US Navy ship in the Gulf of Tonkin. The same was done later with Iraq., falsely accusing him of developing weapons of mass destruction. These are weapons, by the way, never found. And the country lies in ruins. Strange “victory”, if you can call it that at all. But there is control over Iraqi oil, what, as it appears, and was the main target of the attack. But the proceeds from the sale of this oil do not go to the US budget at all., but are distributed between American business tycoons and their de facto private military companies.

The American press also writes, that in the wars in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, the US military had no chance of winning.

Unleashing the Vietnam War, US politicians did not heed the lesson, which the French received in this country in 1954 year. In addition, a huge influence on the American authorities, forcing them to withdraw troops, had a powerful anti-war movement in the United States itself.

In Iraq, too, everything was predetermined, but for a different reason. Even before the introduction of American troops, Washington concluded an agreement with Iraq that, that the military contingent will leave this country in 2011 year. true, then everything dragged on, but even after such a long time, the US Army, supposedly the strongest in the world, still suffers pointless losses.

In Afghanistan, the United States could achieve something, if they could change this country. But they didn't have the slightest chance to do it. Therefore, the contingent located there is simply engaged in self-defense there and is able to control only its bases., which are somewhat reminiscent of besieged fortresses.

Lawrence Korb makes a disappointing conclusion for American politicians and the military. He considers, that the US military has long been unable to "spread democracy" around the world. Is there this democracy in the United States itself?? What's left of her?..

Author:Sergey Kuzmitsky
used photos:US Department of Defense

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