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The State Duma approved the bill on the right of President Putin to run twice more

The State Duma approved the bill on the right of President Putin to run twice more
In Russia, the State Duma approved a bill on the right of the incumbent president after the expiration of the term to run twice more. The document also added requirements for candidates for the highest government post..

State Duma deputies adopted the bill in the second reading during the plenary session. It was initiated by Senator Andrey Klishas, as well as people's representatives Olga Savastyanova and Pavel Krasheninnikov. The need to consider this document in the legislative body of the Russian Federation is related to the fact, that the provision on the re-election of the incumbent president was included in the package of constitutional amendments, approved by popular vote by citizens of the Russian Federation.

Now presidential office in Russia is limited to two terms of six years, but only the time frame after the adoption of the relevant amendments.

Besides, the presidential candidate must be a citizen of the Russian Federation, stateless and did not have citizenship or residence permit of another state. There is also a minimum age for applicants - 35 years. Moreover, they are required to reside in Russia at least 25 years.

In this way, current President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, if the citizens of the country choose him, will be able to hold office for two more terms, ie until 2036 of the year. However, the head of state has not yet announced, does he intend to run in the next election.

In this regard, a legal precedent may arise for subsequent heads of state.: the opportunity to actually run an unlimited number of times after the amendments to the Basic Law.

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