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The Marines of the Ukrainian Navy are transferred to the Kozak-2M1 armored vehicles

Marines of the Ukrainian Navy are transplanted to armored vehicles «Kozak-2M1»
Ukrainian marines will be transferred to the same type of armored vehicles. The decision to equip the Marine Corps of the Naval Forces of Ukraine with armored combat wheeled vehicles “Kozak-2M1” Ukrainian development was adopted by the Ministry of Defense of the country. This was stated by the Commander of the Ukrainian Navy, Counter-Admiral Oleksiy Neizhpapa, Defense Express reports.

The Ukrainian military department made a decision on the transition of the Naval Forces of Ukraine to a single type of armored vehicles. In addition to the amphibious armored personnel carrier BTR-4E (with additional floats on the sides), the marines will receive Ukrainian armored vehicles “Kozak-2M1”.

As explained, currently there is no uniformity of equipment in the units of the marines of the Naval Forces of Ukraine, each battalion has its own equipment. The first batch of armored vehicles has already been delivered to one of the battalions, in the future, it is planned to re-equip other.

In perspective, this technique (BBKM “Kozak-2M1”) will also be distributed among the Marine Corps units, who perform specific tasks. But currently this technique is in the same battalion.
– said the commander of the Ukrainian Navy.

Armored vehicle “Kozak-2M1” - modification of the armored car “Kozak-2M” for Ukrainian airborne assault troops. stated, that the armored vehicle meets NATO standards for protection against small arms and mine protection. The armor can withstand an armor-piercing incendiary bullet of 7,62 mm “any projections” and the detonation of a land mine under the wheel, appropriate 8 kg of TNT.

The armored vehicle has a fully carrying armored hull and independent suspension. Armored car weight 12 tonnes, it is equipped with a 280-horsepower diesel engine with a volume of 5,9 liters and torque in 950 Н * м, clearance – 500 mm. full speed – 110 km / h. Crew – 2 man + 6 marines. The armored car can be equipped with a heavy machine gun in a protected turret.

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