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Lavrov called the ways to resist the sanctions pressure from the United States

Lavrov called the ways to resist the sanctions pressure from the United States
Sergey Lavrov, celebrated his 71st birthday, gave an interview to foreign journalists, including Chinese. The interview touched upon the topic of the growing number of US sanctions.. Lavrov was asked, how one could withstand the American sanctions pressure.

The head of the Russian foreign policy department noted, that for this it would be worthwhile to make a transition to settlements in currencies alternative to the US dollar and without using American payment systems.

Recall, that in Russia and in fact all over the world VISA payment systems are actively used, MasterCard, American Express. And including through them, the American authorities manage to maintain economic sanctions, including blocking of accounts, transactions, etc..

Foreign Minister noted, that all US policy is aimed at maintaining its dominance, including economic dominance with simultaneous attempts to restrain the development of other countries of the world.

According to Sergei Lavrov, this policy of Washington is "on the wrong side of history".

Also Sergey Lavrov noted, that American diplomacy has actually ceased to be diplomacy as such. Instead of the art of building relationships, listen and hear each other, find a balance in the interests, Washington uses the so-called areal "diplomacy".

Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation:

They have forgotten how to use classical diplomacy.
In some cases, US diplomacy is completely replaced by threats of sanctions, expressed and introduced even to their own allies.

Sergey Lavrov recalled that, that sanctions are imposed without proof and groundless. At the same time, the head of Russian diplomacy added, that trying to conduct politics and dialogues in such a tone with Russia and China is at least unwise.

Lavrov supported the idea of ​​creating a coalition, which would oppose the imposition of unilateral sanctions.

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