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Governor of Penza Region arrested on suspicion of corruption

Governor of Penza Region arrested on suspicion of corruption
Governor of the Penza Region Ivan Belozertsev has been detained by law enforcement agencies on suspicion of corruption. except him, his alleged accomplices were taken into custody, so the total number of people detained in this case is six.

It is reported by RIA Novosti, citing sources among law enforcement officers.

Currently, it is known about the detention of six people in the framework of a criminal investigation.
– he told reporters.

The investigation considers, that the governor of the Penza region from January to September last year received bribes, the total amount exceeded 31 one million rubles. Their, as stated, Boris Shpigel, the head of the BIOTEK group of pharmaceutical companies, was given to him through intermediaries, the wife of a businessman and the head of OJSC "Pharmacy" Anton Koloskov. The head of the region received these funds in cash and other valuables.

These bribes were meant to, so that BIOTEK, as investigators believe, had advantages over competitors when concluding government contracts, related to the provision of drugs and medical products to medical institutions of the Penza region.

The activity of the firm "BIOTEK" is to develop, production and sale of medical products. It sells self-developed products for healthcare institutions., and produced by other manufacturers.

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