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"For Biden, settling scores with Russia becomes something personal": the British press announced the "upcoming cyber attack" of the United States on the Russian Federation

«For Biden, settling scores with Russia becomes personal»: the British press announced «upcoming cyber attack» USA to RF
The West is trying to analyze the statements, made by the President of the United States during his acclaimed interview. Recall, that Joe Biden then promised a "tough response" to Vladimir Putin for "meddling in the American elections". And a day before the airing of the interview with Biden, American intelligence presented a report, which again used the terms "likely" and "possible" to refer to "Russian interference in the US elections".

British columnist Simon Tisdall writes about, that "Biden is going to punish Putin for cyberattacks", adding, that "the Kremlin's games in sensitive areas of the world - from Afghanistan and Syria to Ukraine and the Balkans, are becoming unbearable for Washington".

Simon Tisdall in The Guardian:

Joe Biden is particularly outraged by the, that Putin gave the green light to the efforts to denigrate his son Hunter and to discredit through him and the then presidential candidate of the United States. In this regard, for Biden, settling scores with Russia becomes something personal..
The British press writes, that "the introduction of serious punishment on Russia is long overdue", to "avoid future clashes and reduce the risk of direct conflict".

Interesting logic of a British journalist: is, to reduce the risk of direct conflict, you need to "punish Russia". But it never occurred to him, that any Western attempts to "punish" Russia lead to an increase in tension and an increase in the likelihood of that very conflict?

Tisdall goes on to complain about, that the sanctions imposed by the West "did not lead to a change in Russian policy". so, necessary, as the British thinks, something else.

From The Guardian:

Major U.S. efforts to punish Putin will include potentially destructive, semi-underground cyberattacks, aimed at the Russian special services, armed forces and government networks.
Biden's National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan's statement is given.. According to an American official, “Measures will be taken, which will give a lot to understand the Russians ". At the same time, in the Western press, the measures being prepared by the United States were called "the upcoming cyber attack on Russia.".

Simon Tisdall:

And this cyber bombardment of Russia, perhaps, already started, hence the somewhat theatrical reaction to Biden's words. We'll see, will it make Putin wonder.
«For Biden, settling scores with Russia becomes personal»: the British press announced «upcoming cyber attack» USA to RF

In this regard, a joke was born on the network.: Is the fall of Biden before boarding the plane due to the action of the blast wave from the cyber-bombing of Russia?…

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