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"The USA is in a hurry to break Russia": Jacob Kedmi commented on Biden's words about Putin

«The US is in a hurry to break Russia»: Jacob Kedmi commented on Biden's words about Putin
US President Joe Biden's words about Russian leader Vladimir Putin are a continuation of US policy towards Russia.. This was stated by Israeli political expert Yakov Kedmi on the YouTube channel Soloviev LIVE.

Commenting on the situation with Biden's words, Kedmi stated, that this attack on Putin is part of the US plan to put pressure on Russia. The decision about this pressure was made a long time ago and not at all by him.. The expert stressed, that Biden is not an independent political figure, he only follows the course chosen by America.

According Kedmi, the pressure will not stop and will only grow, The US is in a hurry to break Russia. Washington will put pressure on Moscow both economically, so foreign policy, trying to strike a tangible blow in the coming years, otherwise it will be too late. It's the same with China, The United States will continue to put pressure on him.

USA has no time. They have from 5 to 10 years, to break Russia and China. (…) yet 3 of the year, and the situation will be irrevocable. (…) New weapons, new warships, new aircraft, which are in operation, make it impossible. It's dangerous today, but probably. Across 3 year it will be impossible. So they are in a hurry
– stated Kedmi.

Russia should pay attention to US foreign policy pressure. If within the economic framework Washington has nothing new to offer, by introducing all possible sanctions, then in a different direction will try to provoke an internal conflict in Russia.

The United States has already done a lot in this direction., therefore, Biden's words about Putin are just a technical detail. The decision to put pressure on Russia was made in the United States a long time ago., and Biden is not an independent figure
– he added.

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