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MiG-21 fighter crashed in India

MiG-21 fighter crashed in India
Just last week, a report was published in India on the need for a phased decommissioning of MiG-21 aircraft, standing on the Armed Force, while replacing them with more modern combat vehicles. And today a message comes from India about the fall of a third-generation front-line fighter.

According to recent reports, plane crash with the MiG-21 "Bizon" (Indian classification) occurred when a pilot was performing a scheduled training flight in the central part of India.

Indian Air Force Press Service confirms, that a frontline fighter fell, at the same time, communication with him was previously lost.

The statement said, that the MiG was flown by an experienced military pilot - the captain of the Indian Air Force A. Gupta. He died.
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Investigation team established, which should establish all the details of what happened and find out the cause of the plane crash.
This plane crash only spurred the discussion about the need to abandon the operation of MiG-21 fighters in the Indian Air Force.. One of the followers of the Indian Air Force Twitter page (Aksai Luthra) urged to rather abandon such MiGs, calling them "turned over time into flying coffins".

Recall, that in an air battle with planes of the Pakistani Air Force in February 2019 years used including fighters MiG-21, one of which was shot down.

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