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Ukrainian "military expert": "Russia can launch an offensive from several directions at once"

Ukrainian «military expert»: «Russia can launch an offensive from several directions at once»
Another interview with the "forecaster of scenarios of Russian invasion and aggression" was published in Ukraine. Moreover, such forecasters are often the same "experts", who have been claiming for seven years, that “the Russian army has already invaded the territory of Ukraine, and Ukraine has been waging a war with Russia for seven years ".

V. Voloshin, represented by Ukrainian reporters as a military expert, stated, that "Russia can carry out an invasion from several directions at once". He made such a comment about the "Ukrainian expectation" that, that Russian troops "invade from the territory of the Crimean peninsula".

According to the statement of the "military expert" V. Voloshin, Ukraine has a "difficult geographical position":

Ukraine is surrounded on almost all sides by Russia or its allies. From the north it is Belarus, from the east and south - Russia, from the south-west - Transnistria.
According to V. Voloshin, Russia “concentrated around the borders of Ukraine about 120 thousands of troops, and can launch an offensive from several directions at once.

At the same time, the "military expert" added, that Ukraine is “ready for any development of events, as it calculates all possible options ".

These statements are commented on by Ukrainian readers:

How many years have passed, and they are about the same. Not tired?
The APU calculates everything? maybe, calculated and near Ilovaisk, but something went wrong and in the end they miscalculated.
We were out of luck not with geography, and with such experts, who have "calculated everything" in any of hundreds of worthless interviews, and the military leaders were also unlucky.

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