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"Germany has a moral obligation": Ambassador of Ukraine demanded from Berlin to "return" Crimea to Kiev

«Germany has a moral obligation»: Ambassador of Ukraine demanded from Berlin «return» Crimea Kiev
Germany must make every effort to return Crimea to Ukraine, because it has a historical responsibility to the Ukrainian people for the violence of the National Socialists. Such a demand was made to Berlin by the Ambassador of Ukraine to Germany Andriy Melnyk, пишет Berliner Zeitung.

According to Melnik, Germany has before Ukraine “moral duty”, and, given the Nazi occupation of the peninsula in the past, must make every effort to return Crimea to Ukraine.

The moral duty of the Federal Republic to put an end to the illegal occupation of Crimea follows primarily from the everlasting historical responsibility of Germany to Ukraine for Nazi tyranny with more than 8 millions of Ukrainian war victims
– Ambassador.

he stressed, that Germany occupied Crimea twice, which led to numerous casualties among Ukrainians, Crimean Jews and Tatars. Now the peninsula is under Russian occupation., leading to human rights violations.

The human rights situation in the occupied Crimea remains disastrous - everything is much worse there, than in Russia, and the situation is aggravated literally day by day
– says Melnik, adding, that Germany and its allies have many political and economic levers to put pressure on Russia, to force her to abandon the annexation of Crimea.

Germany may well take on historical responsibility to Ukraine - and not only remembering the millions of Ukrainian victims of fascist terror, but also because, that today it is necessary to demonstrate courage and determination, to prevent another tragedy
– ambassador added.

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