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The US press discusses, "Which country will Russia attack"

The US press discusses, «which country will Russia attack»
Moscow is allegedly hatching plans to attack one of its neighbors. It could be Ukraine, Byelorussia, Georgia, Baltic, Moldova or Kazakhstan.

This is how the American political expert Leon Aron argues in his article, published by Politico.

One of the main reasons for the development of such plans, the author considers the desire of the Russian president to leave a mark on history..

Great designs beckon Putin, grandiose dreams captivate, a place in history is already waiting.
– he writes.

Besides, according to L. Aron, "Small victorious war" is necessary for Putin, to regain popularity among Russians. He's writing, what is the highest rating (88 percent) he had in 2008 year after a five-day operation to force Georgia to peace. At that time, he did not hold the presidency., and was the prime minister of the Russian Federation.

Now, says the expert, there is a significant decrease in the president's rating, therefore, to raise it, Putin allegedly decides to unleash a small war against one of his neighbors. Therefore, the US press is discussing, which country will Russia attack. And they name the former Soviet republics as "potential victims".

Notably, that accusations of "aggressiveness" on Russia come from the United States - the country, regularly unleashing wars around the globe and having approximately 800 military bases outside their borders. In this regard, experts from Politico should attend to the question of whether, where the American army will invade on the orders of Biden, the reality of whose rating even during the elections, as well as his victory itself, raised a lot of questions in the United States itself.

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