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Algeria buys Russian front-line bombers Su-34

Algeria buys Russian front-line bombers Su-34
The alleged type of Su-34 bombers of the Algerian Air Force

Algeria will become the first foreign buyer of the Russian front-line Su-34 bombers. As reported by the Dutch aviation magazine Scramble in its online version, the first batch of aircraft will enter service with the Algerian Air Force before the end 2021 of the year.

According to the publication, Algeria has previously negotiated with Russia on the supply of Su-34, but he was not satisfied with the characteristics of the proposed export version of the aircraft. Instead of purchasing a new bomber, the Algerian Defense Ministry decided to modernize the Su-24 fleet.

The decision to purchase the Su-34 was made eight years after the start of negotiations., failed. New interest in the SU-34 in Algeria arose after the use of these aircraft during the military operation of the Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria. Preliminary talks about intentions to purchase these bombers began in 2019 and continued into 2020 year.

As writes, the first six Su-34s from 20 the ordered aircraft should enter service with the Algerian Air Force by the end of this year, the production of bombers is already underway. Rest 14 bombers will be delivered to 2022 and 2023 years.

A batch of six planes must be ready before the end 2021 years and will be used to train Algerian pilots (trainers) and service personnel. Training will begin in Russia from the beginning 2022 of the year
– magazine reports.

According to the magazine, the Algerian version of the Su-34 will have the designation Su-34ME and differ from the one used in the Russian Aerospace Forces only by the system “friend or foe” and communication. All the rest, including avionics and weapons, will be standard.

earlier it was reported, that Algeria intends to purchase Russian fifth generation Su-57 fighters.

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