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Parliamentary report: British armored vehicles are not ready to fight the Russian

Parliamentary report: British armored vehicles are not ready to fight the Russian
According to the report of the Defense Committee of the House of Commons of the UK Parliament, British armored vehicles are completely unprepared to fight the Russian. And in the event of a direct military clash, the British armored forces would most likely be defeated..

Fragments of the parliamentarians' report published in the British press.

If the British Army had to fight an equal adversary in Eastern Europe in the next few years, our soldiers, certainly remaining one of the best in the world, to deep shame would have been forced to fight, using outdated and finally outdated armored vehicles.
– noted in document.

By "equal adversary" London means the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. They pay attention, that the armored vehicles of the United Kingdom army are significantly inferior to the Russian ones in mechanical reliability and firepower, and they can hardly count on sufficient air support. Often tanks, in service with the UK, are in service for more than 30 years, – the speakers note.

From all this, the authors of the report conclude, that in the event of an armed conflict with Russian tank forces, it could end "not at all in favor of the British army".

Formerly The Times newspaper, citing sources in the United Kingdom Armed Forces, reported, that the UK government is considering the possibility of completely abandoning the use of tanks. This is due to the change in the nature and methods of conducting military operations in modern conditions..

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