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BMPT "Terminator" and T-72B3 tanks for the first time worked out interaction in the offensive

BMPT «Terminator» and T-72B3 tanks for the first time worked out interaction in the offensive
The Ministry of Defense has started the second stage of testing of tank support combat vehicles (BMPT) “Terminator”. As the press-service of the military department, the military for the first time worked out the interaction of support vehicles with T-72B3 tanks.

As explained in the Ministry of Defense, BMPT “Terminator” first operated in battle formations with tanks, covering the T-72B3 in the offensive. At the same time, the entire arsenal of weapons of support vehicles was used.: 30-mm automatic cannons 2A42, 7,62-mm Kalashnikov machine gun, AG-17D automatic grenade launchers and ATGM launchers “cornet”.

For the first time, the crews performed the tasks of supporting and covering tank crews in the offensive., acting in a single battle formation
– It said in a statement.

On the eve of the BMPT crews conducted the first regular shooting.

At the beginning of February this year, the military department announced the end of the first stage of testing BMPT, dedicated to the study of support machines. At the same time it was reported, that the second stage of the experiment will be devoted to the use of BMPT in the combat formations of tank units. Shooting will also be practiced in various tactical situations..

Recall, that the first batch of eight BMPTs “Terminator” entered the 90th Panzer Division, stationed in the Chelyabinsk region, for trial operation at the end of November 2020 of the year. Prior to that, BMPT was checked during a command-and-control operation “Caucasus 2020”.

BMPT “Terminator” made on the T-72 chassis. The vehicle is armed with two 30mm 2A42 automatic cannons., 7,62-mm machine gun PKT, as well as four launch containers for guided missiles of the 9M120 family (complex “attack”).

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