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In the Ukraine, said, that the Afghan partners are interested in Ukrainian-made armored vehicles and mortars

In the Ukraine, said, that the Afghan partners are interested in Ukrainian-made armored vehicles and mortars
Ukrainian companies from the military industry are trying to find a solution for further financial survival through contracts with foreign countries. However, the situation with exports for the Ukrainian defense industry is far from simple.. Orders or single, or even when the contract is signed, Ukraine itself cannot implement it.

One of the directions for the possible export of arms has now decided to designate Afghanistan.. We are talking about an offer from the company "Ukrainian armored vehicles" for the supply of mortars and a batch of armored vehicles to Afghanistan.

At the same time announced, that the Afghan security forces "showed interest" in relation to wheeled armored vehicles of Ukrainian design. These are armored vehicles of the MRAP type - equipment with mine protection.

Afghan delegation led by Wahid Ali Khan, Deputy Chairman of the National Security Directorate, visited the enterprise "Ukrainian armored vehicles", where we got acquainted with samples of army armored vehicles and other products.

The Ukrainian press announced that, that "negotiations are underway on possible supplies of mortars and MRAP of Ukrainian production to Afghanistan". At the moment, a protocol of intent has been signed between the Afghan side and the company "Ukrainian armored vehicles".

Deputy General Director of the Ukrainian company Dmitry Polyakov:

Our military products made a big impression on the Afghan delegation. I hope, that soon the Ukrainian military equipment will help the Afghan military in carrying out combat missions.
The company specializes in the production of armored vehicles "Varta" and "Novator", mortars of various calibers, as well as for the repair and maintenance of anti-aircraft installations ZU-23-2.

According to some reports, it was the armored vehicles "Warta" that interested the Afghan partners of Ukraine. About the possible volumes of the purchase batch, as well as the price of armored vehicles for Afghanistan, not reported.

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