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Estonian army armed with the latest version of the Swedish Carl Gustaf M4 grenade launcher

Estonian army armed with the latest version of the Swedish Carl Gustaf M4 grenade launcher
The Estonian army is armed with the latest modification of the Swedish Carl Gustaf M4 grenade launcher, the manufacturer of the grenade launchers has already received the corresponding order. This is reported by the press service of Saab.

Estonian Defense Ministry ordered the Swedish company Saab to supply Carl Gustaf M4 grenade launchers and ammunition. The number of ordered weapons is not reported, however, the amount of the agreement is known – 12 million. dollars. Delivery time – 2021-2022 of the year.

The order has been placed under a previously signed agreement between Estonia and Latvia with the Swedish Defense Materials Administration (Defence Materiel Administration, or FMV) agreement, which allows Estonians to order grenade launchers and ammunition for 10 years.

Currently, the Estonian army is already armed with Swedish grenade launchers of an earlier version of the Carl Gustaf M2. It is assumed, that the operation of the two versions will be carried out in parallel, the new modification will not replace the old one, especially, that the M4 can use ammunition from the M2.

The Carl Gustaf grenade launcher was created by the Swedish engineer Siegfried Axelson on the basis of the Carl Gustaf Pvg m / 42 anti-tank rifle.. The weapon is designed to destroy armored targets, enemy manpower and firing positions, as well as creating smoke screens and lighting the area. Four modifications have been created over seven decades (M1, M2, M3 and M4).

Carl Gustaf M4 was presented in 2014 year. It has a mass less than 7 kg (the first one weighed over 16 kg). Due to the variety of 84-mm ammunition, Carl Gustaf is a multifunctional combat weapon and is in service 45 armies around the world. The latest version is put into service 13 armies of the world.

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