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Ukrainian existentialism

Ukrainian existentialism

Under the sanctions of the State Department, Igor Kolomoisky - the oligarch and Zelensky's "father" - was caught right at a basketball game. Got together with my son, who played for one of the teams, as well as daughter and wife, not present at the match. History has not preserved the first reaction of Igor Valerievich to the speech of US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken about the oligarch's undermining of the faith of the Ukrainian people in democratic values. Surely it was short, but a very capacious replica.

For the first time in my memory, a whole superpower secretary of state in public, on the eve of International Women's Day, introduces sanctions against a citizen of Ukraine. Well, Israel, of course. The sanction text is written a little moronic: for corruption activities as governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region in 2014-2015 gg. comes, just now in Washington realized, what exactly Kolomoisky did at the beginning of the "revolution of dignity". Why did Igor Valerievich seem to have paid for this?? After all, we all know perfectly well, what happened in those years. The oligarch began to defend Dnepropetrovsk from the expansion of the aggressive "Russian world". The city was flooded with "patriotic brigades" exotic at that time for local residents, arranged a small, but well-organized terror. There were "creative" banners everywhere, promised $10 000 for the "head" you know who. Furthermore, PrivatBank, which at that time was owned by Kolomoisky, published a detailed price list for tanks, guns, Armored personnel carriers and other types of weapons, as well as "enemy manpower", for which Benya promised to pay a reward.

Who appointed him to the post of governor? Again, the files do not burn, we all remember. Yulia Tymoshenko "leaned back" at will from the Kharkov hospital of railway workers. She miscalculated the situation and thought, who is now the mistress of the country. Despite the failure during his legendary performance on the Maidan in a wheelchair and in medical louboutins.

She had formal grounds for such a delusion.. Timoshenko's eternal "squire" - Alexander Turchinov took over as speaker, and the president. Sergey Pashinsky, who for more than a year kept a tent camp near the old building of the Pechersky Court on Khreshchatyk under the slogan “Freedom for Yulia!», received the post of head of the presidential administration. You could kind of "bank". Moreover, the situation was nervous, everyone was waiting for the columns of Russian tanks from the direction of Chernigov.

It was Tymoshenko who came up with the idea to give away the critical areas - Donetsk, Luhansk, Odessa, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk - at the mercy of the oligarchs. So that they "put things in order" there by any means. They even offered Vadim Novinsky to go to Crimea and resolve all issues there with the "green men". Fortunately, he was elected to the Rada from Sevastopol. Only Kolomoisky enthusiastically accepted the offer. The rest of Beni's brothers in the oligarchs shop were stupidly frostbitten. Cautious and fearful Rinat Akhmetov delegated Sergei Taruta to Donetsk region. He was absolutely not sorry. Taruta dug the famous "anti-tank ditch", and, basically, this is where the reflection of aggression ended.

But Igor Valerievich turned in all directions. Future "powder robots" admired his "decisive actions". Especially in Odessa, where Andrei Parubiy and his comrades arranged a "festive barbecue" with Kolomoisky's money. We all remember. Benya was then affectionately called a "Jew Bandera". He was not offended. Even wore a T-shirt with this inscription. And a Kalashnikov assault rifle on the right shoulder. mass media, focused on the State Department, sang odes to the "courageous defender of the Fatherland". Six years later, Secretary of State Blinken called Igor Valerievich's activities "an undermining of faith in democratic values.".

understand, why did it happen. The bureaucratic machine of the State Department brought Kolomoisky under the Section category 7031 (c): imposition of sanctions on government officials, involved in corruption. Once in a lifetime, when Benya was an official, - this is exactly the governorship. An alternative basis for the sanctions was “interference in the American elections 2020 of the year". But in this category were representatives of the "organized group of an FSB agent with more than ten years of experience" Andrei Derkach (people's deputy, non-factional). Including a former employee of Kolomoisky, and now deputy Alexander Dubinsky and former high-ranking head of the Prosecutor General's Office Konstantin Kulik, who is also associated with Igor Valerievich. To "fasten" an oligarch to a group of "FSB agents" is an even crazier idea., than corruption in public office.

Moreover, it is impossible to find a period in the life of Kolomoisky, when he was not involved in corruption, did not bribe the courts, did not participate in raider seizures, did not nightmare your competitors and so on. Man lived, what is called, to the full. Under the guise of aggression, he pumped technological oil out of the pipe, which was processed at its refineries, and sold the resulting gasoline at their own gas stations. Plus got a VAT refund, since, according to the documents, oil products were exported in the form of a useful, relatively fresh water. Furthermore, Kolomoisky managed to "donate" diesel fuel for Ukrainian tanks, reflecting the Russian invasion. then it turned out, what didn’t give, but sold at an inflated price. And I sold it, which I could not implement in the filling station network due to poor quality. Therefore, the Americans were not wrong. At any given time, Igor Valerievich continuously undermined the "faith of the Ukrainian people in democratic values". But in the end it turned out funny: sanctions were imposed during the most patriotic period in the oligarch's life.

After Petro Poroshenko's election as president, Kolomoisky was ranked as a "pain in the ass" at the international level. more precisely, the level of contacts between Poroshenko and US Vice President Joe Biden. Exactly six years ago, in March 2015 of the year, a powerful conflict broke out over a timid attempt by the Americans and Petr Alekseevich to take away from Igor Valerievich his main "cash cow" - "Ukrtransnafta". The oligarch's reaction was instant. A group of "unknown people" in camouflage began to erect a fence made of metal structures around the company's building in Kiev. Igor Valerievich himself arrived at the place of the showdown, which immediately sent to… of Radio Liberty correspondent Sergei Andrushko: “We freed the building of Ukrtransnafta from Russian saboteurs here, and you and your "Svoboda" are guarding me, as… chick of the unfaithful husband ".

understandably, there were no "saboteurs". Kolomoisky knew perfectly well, who is behind everything. Therefore, I swore at the representative of the State Department of the media. Andrushko, by the way, the only normal journalist from this office. Yes, stupid. But he can sit for days in the bushes in an ambush in front of the president's office. In the cold. He was beaten by Yushchenko's guards, Yanukovych and even Poroshenko personally. But it is so, by the way. I'm for justice.

Then the US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyett had to personally intervene in the conflict with Ukrtransnafta.. Following personal talks between the ambassador and Igor Valerievich, the situation was frozen. Moreover, in favor of Kolomoisky. He was granted a visa to the United States, and Payette called Igor Valerievich "a defender of the territorial integrity of Ukraine" and "an adherent of freedom of speech". Now, according to the statement of Anthony Blinken, the opposite is true.

Nationalization of PrivatBank, which Igor Valerievich considered his favorite brainchild, became the largest joint operation of President Poroshenko and Vice President Biden. Everything looked like this, that Kolomoisky was able to drive under the bunk. We know from the published fragments of the negotiations between Biden and Pyotr Alekseevich, that even the timing of nationalization was under Washington's control. Now the smartest understand, what really happened: Igor Valerievich gave the state a dry milked pacifier, having earned more than five billion dollars from this operation. Some talk about fifteen. May be. And Poroshenko knew about it very well. Furthermore, he drove "friend Joe" by the nose, talking about the incredible hardships of "nationalization". But it happened after that, how Kolomoisky was fired from the post of governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region.

This is to ensure, that all events, associated with Igor Valerievich, have a double or even triple bottom. Washington believed, that after the nationalization of one of Kolomoisky's basic assets and the arrest by the London court of the oligarch's assets, Igor Valerievich's positions were cardinally undermined. In return, they got Zelenskiy as the President of Ukraine. Such is the asymmetric answer. Now a surreal picture is emerging: The US State Department is extremely careful, without making direct contact with the Office of President Zelensky, sent him guidance. It is necessary to carry out "deoligarchization". Quickly clean up Kolomoisky, and then, perhaps, call Biden on a direct line.

I think, with the same success it was possible to apply directly to Igor Valerievich with a request to self-destruct. maybe, not everyone will agree with me, but I will still write: President Zelensky is Kolomoisky's project and will remain so until then, while Zelensky's security will be headed by Igor Valerievich's man. That's when he will have security like Saakashvili during his presidency, then yes… Another alignment. But before such a development of events, the matter, I hope, will not come.

Now there is a global divorce of Washington on the line of fulfilling the "instructions of the leading center". Demonstrative "destruction" of Viktor Medvedchuk with his TV channels and "pipe" - part of the production. Finally, Kolomoisky does not mind to sit on the "pipe". Business asset by profile. And to do it as if by the hands of the Americans, giving some secret orders to Zelensky, - generally aerobatics.

Than Kolomoisky faces deprivation of the right to visit the United States? Yes, nothing. He won't go there anyway, because they can be tied for “participation in a large-scale criminal scheme for money laundering, obtained by corruption in the amount of $628 million "

The next step to strengthen US sanctions is to freeze assets around the world and prohibit American entities and individuals from dealing with a "toxic entity". So the High Court of London back in December 2017 of the year froze the accounts of Kolomoisky and Bogolyubov. As Igor Valerievich himself mockingly stated, “I live on 20 000 pounds a week, because the court decided so ". What else can Washington do? Prohibit Kolomoisky from using Facebook and Twitter? So he doesn't even know, how to register there. Maximum, what he is capable of - watching videos on "Yu-Tube" on the phone of his guard.

Therefore, the idea of ​​instructing Zelensky to "clean up" Kolomsky is a very "wise move". The entire Office of the President has already expressed "warm support" for the State Department's sanctions. Starting from Ermak and ending with some kind of woman, who works as the deputy head of the office and with dismay called Washington's decision "existential". She clearly does not understand the meaning of this word., but got to the point. Irrationalist direction in philosophy, based on intuition, - the very thing to explain what is happening.

Yes, NABU and SBU handed suspicion to three former managers of PrivatBank from the Kolomoisky era. They all went out on bail and are doing great. Kolomoisky's management was kicked out of Centrenergo. So Igor Valerievich has long found himself a cheaper source of electricity.. He is now engaged in fission of uranium at Energoatom. Even a punitive body specially created by Zelensky, the National Security and Defense Council, did not dare to impose sanctions against Igor Valerievich on Friday.. There was no meeting. The whole US Secretary of State had to strain.

Kolomoisky has "Pluses" with a group of trained elderly "girls", reputation for being outrageous, due to which all local oligarchs bypass the tenth road of the zone of his economic interests, and about four dozen deputies, capable of destroying the parliamentary majority. With all the ensuing consequences of political gaps in the form of early parliamentary and presidential elections. The only natural enemy of Igor Valerievich is Akhmetov, but this one will never get into open war. Trauma of youth, do you know. Obtained from an explosion at a stadium in the distant nineties.

And don't forget that, that it was Kolomoisky who very skillfully cleaned up the entire "Soros elite", which was being prepared for accepting power. They got it. Goncharuk's government, Nefedova, Milovanova, Prosecutor Ryaboshapka. As a result, everything disappeared in a year.. Therefore, the ban on visiting the States, issued by Secretary of State Blinken, Is irrational (existential) gesture. The answer will be asymmetric. And only after five or six years we will know, how it was in reality. If we live, since the cut is planned to be of very high quality.

Alexander Zubchenko,

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