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ACS M109A7 Paladin transferred from USA to Germany, they are expected in Poland too

ACS M109A7 Paladin transferred from USA to Germany, they are expected in Poland too
American troops are strengthening the artillery component in Europe. As became known, more than 30 units of artillery equipment, including the latest modifications of self-propelled artillery mounts M109A7 Paladin. Also, the means of field artillery and several tons of ammunition for artillery mounts were transferred to the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany by sea..

After unloading at the port, military equipment and ammunition were sent to the so-called Coleman barracks - to the territory of a military base near Mannheim. The 405th Field Support Brigade of the US Army is stationed there..

Expected, that in the near future the M109A7 Paladin self-propelled guns will be withdrawn by the American military to exercises with live firing.

Recall, that "Paladin" – self-propelled howitzers of caliber 155 mm. The mass of the A7 version is about 36 tonnes. ammunition - 28 ammunition. At the same time, the howitzer can use high-precision ammunition., including active jet M982 Excalibur. According to some reports, a batch of such ammunition was delivered to Germany from the USA, distinguished by a high price.

It revealed, what the "Paladins" expect in Poland. Materials appeared in the Polish press, which say, that part of the equipment of the US Army brigade from Mannheim can be sent to the Powidz military base under construction in Poland. The infrastructure of the airbase was located there for a long time., however, then it was decided to expand the military facility with the placement of armored vehicles on it (among other things). The Pentagon does not comment on the possibility of transferring the Paladin self-propelled guns to Polish Powidz. Although there is such a possibility, especially after Trump's decisions to transfer part of the American contingent from Germany to Polish territory. This decision of the 45th President of the United States is his replacement, Joe Biden, not canceled yet.

used photos:Twitter / 405th Brigade of the U.S. Army

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