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US deployed high-precision missile network in Asia-Pacific to contain China

US deployed high-precision missile network in Asia-Pacific to contain China

Telegram channel "Lu Man: A Look to the East ”talks about the US plan to deploy missiles in the Asia-Pacific region, military exercises of China and Taiwan in the South China Sea, North Korea's nuclear program, electoral reform in Hong Kong, the worsening situation in Myanmar and the fight against terrorism in Indonesia and the Philippines.

Asian-Pacific area

Indo-Pacific Command of the United States asks to double the budget for 2022 fiscal year to effectively contain China in the region. The military requested 4,7 billion, instead of current 2,2 billions. Generally, over the next six years, Americans plan to spend 27,4 billion, What's on 36% more than previously planned expenses for this period. The increase in funding for the Indo-Pacific theater of operations is explained by the growing concern about the PRC's activity around Taiwan, and also in East- and the South China Seas.

In his speech at the American Enterprise Institute, Washington DC, the commander of the US Indo-Pacific Command, Admiral Philip Davidson He stated, that over the next six years, China may try to change the status quo in the region.

Concerning, the US military plans to spend part of the budget on creating a network of high-precision missiles along the so-called "first chain of islands", which includes, first of all, Taiwan, Japanese Okinawa and the Philippines.

Washington also plans to fundamentally rethink its troop deployment approach., moving to a dispersal strategy with active collaboration with allies and partners, as well as building up missile capabilities. US will deploy its military presence in the Indo-Pacific region everywhere, rather than concentrating it on multiple bases, like now. Large forces, grouped in one place, vulnerable to a preemptive missile strike in the event of an open conflict with China.

Leaders of Japan, USA, Australia and India to host first virtual meeting of the Quadripartite Security Dialogue in mid-March (Quad), which will discuss ways to counter the growing influence of China, as well as equitable distribution of COVID-19 vaccines and measures to combat climate change.

In addition to the "Asian NATO", the Japanese Foreign Minister Tosimica Motegi He stated, that Tokyo wants to create an effective network of like-minded people in the Indo-Pacific to build a free and open international order, rule of law. He considers the American-Japanese alliance to be the core of such a structure., and ASEAN countries, Europe and the Middle East and Africa can join them.

Meanwhile Germany, following Great Britain and France, will send its frigate to Asia, which will be the first German warship, crossed the troubled South China Sea (JuKM) from 2002 of the year. Deployment is an important step towards Berlin's implementation of its Indo-Pacific Guidelines, approved last year.

Germany wants to strengthen its presence in the Asia-Pacific region and expand cooperation with ASEAN, Japan, South Korea and India. But the growing involvement of Europeans in Asian affairs is making China very nervous., who has already called on Berlin not to encroach on its sovereignty in the SKS.

Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China Wang Wenbin He stated, that all countries enjoy freedom of navigation and overflight over the South China Sea, but "this should not be used as an excuse to threaten sovereignty and security".

To reduce confrontation and calm Beijing, Germans said, that their frigate will not pass closer 12 nautical miles from disputed islands in the South China Sea, claimed by the PRC.

South China Sea

FROM 1 by 31 March, China conducts military exercises in the northern part of the South China Sea. The maneuvers are concentrated in the Gulf of Tonkin in an area with a radius 5 km off the coast of Guangdong province west of the Leizhou Peninsula.

The PLA exercises were a response to the regular operations of the US and European navies in the South China Sea. So, at the beginning of last month, two aircraft carrier strike groups at once, led by the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz and USS Theodore Roosevelt, participated in similar events. And the French nuclear submarine SNA Emeraude conducted a patrol in the SKM.

3 March, Chinese television showed footage, where the PLA military are landing on the Paracel Islands in the South China Sea, which are also claimed by Vietnam and Taiwan. The message did not indicate the exact date of the exercise, but only noted, that they were held "in the last days".

As it turned out, at least some of the footage shown is from a naval exercise, which were held last November. There is reason to believe, that there was no real landing on the Paracel Islands this time, and the Chinese media released old pictures, as a reaction to the recent teachings of Taiwan on the Pratas Islands (Dunša).

1 On March, Taiwan conducted a live-fire naval exercise off the Pratas Islands in the northern part of the SCS. The same events are planned for next week and at the end of the month on the largest of the Spratly Islands - Itu Aba (Taiping).

In total, the Taiwanese military has planned at least five rounds of live fires in the waters in the north of the South China Sea this month.. The exercise takes place against the backdrop of almost daily calls of PLA aircraft into the airspace in the southwestern part of the Taiwan air defense identification zone..

Taiwan will also conduct six test missile launches off the east and south coasts in March.. Presumably will test, including cruise missiles Hsiung Feng-IIE (Brave Wind-IIE) with flight range 600 km, who can reach mainland China.

Hong Kong

National People's Council of China (NPC) considering the draft reform of the electoral system of Hong Kong, which will give Beijing more control over the semi-autonomous city. At the same time, the elections to the Hong Kong legislature, probably, will be postponed for another year - until September 2022 of the year.

Assumes, that the electoral college will now elect not only the head of Hong Kong, but also part of the local parliament. The collegium itself will be increased from 1200 to 1500 human, and the Legislative Assembly of the city - with 70 to 90 places.

Currently, half of 70 seats in the Legislative Assembly are elected by direct vote, but this proportion will decrease with an increase in the number of additional seats.

Beijing-promoted reform should bring city's electoral system in line with new policies, in which only "patriots" can lead all state institutions in the former British colony.


1 In March, in the mountainous region of Poso, Central Sulawesi province, an exchange of fire broke out between security forces and four members of the radical Islamist group "Mujahideen of East Indonesia" (WITH), affiliated with the "Islamic State" 1 (IG1, It banned in Russia).

As a result, one soldier and two militants died - a 25-year-old Goodbye (he is Irul or Aslam) and 27 year old Alvin (pseudonym Musab). known, that Hyrule was the son of Santoso, former gang leader and Indonesia's most wanted militant, who was killed in 2016 year.

Earlier, the joint police and military forces received information that, that militants, led by the commander of the group Ali Kalora, attacked civilians, who refused to help them.


Sessions of the National People's Council Opened in China (NPC) and the National Committee of the People's Political Consultative Council (VK NPKSK). At the main political event of the year, also known, as "Two sessions" (Lianghui), a government report on the work done will be heard, as well as the goals and objectives for the next year and the upcoming 14th five-year plan.

China has set a GDP growth target of 2021 year at the level "above 6%". It is believed, that the authorities will not carry out too active stimulation of the economy, but at the same time they will not abruptly cancel support measures. Also, in the coming years, it is planned to increase the retirement age., reduce the budget deficit, increase the level of urbanization and create more new jobs in cities.

North Korea

Raphael Grossi, Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), reported, that the DPRK is continuing to build an experimental light water reactor at its main nuclear complex in Yongbyon, including testing of infrastructure for cooling water.

"Besides, recently there have been signs of steam plant operation, serving the radiochemical laboratory ", - said in a statement by Grossi.

From september 2020 the IAEA is observing, that some nuclear facilities in the DPRK continue to operate. Although there is no sign of enriched uranium production at Yongbyon, activity was noted at another site - in Kanson, near Pyongyang.

"The continuation of the DPRK's nuclear program is a clear violation of the relevant UN Security Council resolution and is deeply regrettable.", - noted the head of the IAEA.

Pyongyang sent IAEA inspectors to 2009 year, and since then, the agency has monitored the country's nuclear program using open source information and satellite imagery. The last and largest nuclear test was in 2017 year, when North Korea declared, that successfully detonated a hydrogen bomb.


In Myanmar, confrontation between Civil Disobedience Movement supporters and the military government is gaining momentum, and the general situation is heating up. According to the UN, 3 March, during clashes between protesters and security forces were killed 38 people - a record number since the seizure of power by the military 1 February. The total death toll in a little more than a month exceeded 50 human.

2 On March, the first online meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations on Myanmar was held. But the participants failed to achieve significant results.. ASEAN members fail to work out a common position on the Myanmar crisis. Aseanovites only expressed concern about the situation in the country and called on "all parties to refrain from inciting further violence".

A day earlier, former experts at the UN Yanhe Li, Marzuki Darusman and Chris Sidoti organized a Special Advisory Council on Myanmar (SAC-M). The group intends to provide an “international platform for civil society organizations, human rights defenders and activists in Myanmar, as well as other specialists ".

In the country itself, on the basis of a self-proclaimed committee, representing Pietaunza Hluto (parliament) a shadow government can be formed, why its representatives need to enlist the support of ethnic organizations, many of which have had their own armed forces for a long time. This development of events threatens to bring the conflict in the country to a new level..


Lithuania intends to open a trade office in Taipei this year to “establish economic and diplomatic ties with the Republic of China (Taiwan)». This drew sharp criticism from Beijing., who considers the island his rebellious province.

China stated, which strongly opposes the practice of countries establishing formal institutions in Taiwan, and urged Lithuania to adhere to the one China principle.

Beijing also criticized Prague last August, when the Czech delegation went to Taiwan from 90 a man headed by the President of the Senate Milos Vystrchil. The six-day official visit of representatives of the Czech Republic took place two weeks after, How the US Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar visited Taipei.

The actions of some European countries in relation to Taiwan follow the logic of the Americans, who have significantly increased contacts with Taipei over the past six months. Biden's new administration, looks like, intends to continue the course of her predecessor, despite China's objections.


28 February, in the southern province of Magindanao, security forces killed four and wounded two members of the Bangsamoro Islamic Liberation Fighters terrorist group (BIFF), affiliated with the Islamic State.

At the scene of the shootout, 10 improvised explosive devices, left by terrorists. presumably, floor, the group in January organized two explosions on the roads in the southern provinces of North Cotabato and Magindanao, as a result of which at least three people died and several others were injured.

Four days later, in the interior of South Lanao province, five government soldiers were wounded in an intense firefight with militants of the radical Islamist group Maute. (Maute), also known as the "Islamic State of Lanao".

Soldiers also found a finished homemade bomb, materials for the manufacture of IEDs, various ammunition and food rations. Among the things were children's items, indicating that, that with the militants there is a mother with a baby.

US deployed high-precision missile network in Asia-Pacific to contain China

1 Organization banned in Russia.

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