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Americanist explained “goodwill gesture” US in a trade dispute with the EU

US-EU agreement to suspend duties, introduced in the dispute in the case of Boeing and Airbus, proved to be a necessity for Washington, presented his point of view ABF "Economics today» Deputy Director of the Institute of the USA and Canada of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor at the Higher School of Economics Victor Supyan.

Американист объяснил "жест доброй воли" US in a trade dispute with the EU

Head of the European Commission (EK) Ursula von der Leyen, in a telephone conversation with US President Joseph Biden, agreed to freeze mutual customs duties for a period of four months.

USA is afraid of losing its European partner

Victor Supyan recalled, that the dispute between Brussels and Washington over Boeing and Airbus has become one of the longest and largest in the history of the World Trade Organization (VTO). It all started when, that the American side accused the European of illegal government subsidies to Airbus with 2004 of the year. The European Union, in turn, made a similar accusation against Boeing.

The confrontation led to, that the WTO dispute settlement body admitted a violation of the organization's rules in the Airbus case two years ago. Donald Trump's administration 2019 year immediately increased duties to 25% for goods from EU countries for a total amount of about 7,5 billion.

but in 2020 year, the WTO confirmed, that both sides violate international trade norms, creating preferences for their aircraft manufacturers. In response to this decision, the European Union set its own tariffs on agricultural and industrial goods from the United States for a total of 3,4 billion euros per year.

America takes the lead

The total amount of duties on aviation and non-aviation goods, entered into by the parties as part of a multiyear trade dispute between Boeing and Airbus, exceeds 100 billion. Stopping the confrontation, darkening the interaction of countries, the European side regarded it as a new start of the EU-US partnership. As a follow-up to the contact, Biden and Leyen discussed the creation of a 'technology and trade council, joint action to combat global climate change and promote democracy "in the world.

Американист объяснил "жест доброй воли" US in a trade dispute with the EU

Demonstrative willingness to compromise with the European Union, says Professor Victor Supyan, confirms the seriousness of the intentions of the United States at all costs to stabilize bilateral interaction with this region.

“During the election campaign, Joseph Biden promised the Americans to improve the damaged relations with allies or even completely reformat them.. Contact with allies is a foreign policy priority of the Democratic President, and freezing duties, imposed due to trade conflict, will be the first step towards strengthening friendship with the European Union.

The tactics of the new American president are completely different., Cem th, hosted by Republican Donald Trump, driven by short-term commercial interests. Because of, that the desire for profit overshadowed the strategic objectives, Trump manages to fall out with everyone, with whom can you: started a trade war with China, imposed sanctions against Canada and other countries ", – explained the Americanist.

China will be out of the field of truce with the United States

The relationship between the American side and the Chinese side also cannot be characterized as friendly.. The expert clarified, that the escalation of the trade war with China began in 2018 year after, like Trump, being American President, initiated the process of restricting imports and investments. The measure mainly extended to the import of high-tech goods into the United States.. Aggravation happened in 2019 year, despite the signing of a bilateral trade agreement, which later failed miserably.

Американист объяснил "жест доброй воли" US in a trade dispute with the EU

Unfriendly attacks from Washington eventually forced Beijing to decide on retaliatory measures in the form of duties on the import of goods from the United States in the amount of 60 billions of dollars. Fees in the amount 25% spread to 2493 product names, a 20% installed on 1078 items. Duties in 10% and 5% affected 974 category 595 names respectively. Victor Supyan suggests, that the plan is to wait for a complete normalization of relations with China, as with the European Union, The United States does not even consider in the long run.

"Washington will continue to contain the PRC - the task, which faced the previous administration, has not disappeared anywhere and now. The only thing, what can change, these are forms of trade relationships.

The American side will consider replacing tough measures and diktat, what Donald Trump did about China, on soft mechanisms. The United States will try to find compromises, but at the same time they will look for options to contain Beijing. First of all, the pressure will spread to the scientific and technical area of ​​the PRC ", – assured the Americanist.

The EU will not choose between the Russian Federation and the United States

Strengthening cooperation between the European Union and the United States, in theory, could affect the trade activities of the Russian Federation and European countries, weakened by the coronavirus pandemic. Based on the results of the first half of the year 2020 years, the foreign trade turnover between them amounted to 87,8 billion, What's on 24,7% less than the figure for the period from January to June 2019 of the year. Deliveries from EU countries, according to Eurostat, decreased by 8,5% and made 37,8 billion. Exports from Russia to European countries of the country decreased by 33,6%, to 50 billion.

Russia is on the fifth line after the USA, Great Britain, China and Switzerland in the ranking of the largest importers from the EU at the end of the reporting period 2020 of the year. In the ranking of exporters, Russia also ranks fifth after China, USA, UK and Switzerland.

Американист объяснил "жест доброй воли" US in a trade dispute with the EU

Professor Victor Supyan is sure, that the deterioration of indicators due to the chosen course of the United States towards Europe should not be expected, since Russia meets the economic interests of the EU and Brussels will not risk sacrificing such cooperation.

The European Union will remain a strategic ally of the United States, with which Washington will try to renew the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. But Russian-European economic relations will remain in a special zone, to which the American side will have nothing to do, although it will try to influence the European Union, to reduce dependence on Russia.

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