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Upgrade with "bare" armor: Polish military are mastering T-72M1R tanks

Modernization with «naked» armor: Polish military are mastering T-72M1R tanks
The Polish military are mastering new technology, in service with the newly formed tank battalion of the 19th mechanized brigade, which is located in Lublin. The footage shows T-72M1R vehicles.

New tank for a new regiment

Of the series of exercises performed, the most important was day and night shooting.
– media coverage of the two-week training camp, which precedes the certification of tank gunners of the new unit.

Tank T-72M1R was presented at the international exhibition MSPO, held in September 2020 of the year. The changes made to it mainly relate to the fire control and communication systems.

goal [modernization] was that, to increase [fighting] opportunities with minimal costs, but also with minimal changes in the way of management, since many of these tanks will be manned by reservists
– explains the Polish press, pointing, that the most noticeable external distinguishing feature of the T-72M1R is the absence of an infrared illuminator [L-4A "Moon"], located to the right of the 125-mm cannon. Its dismantling was caused by the rejection of the use of active night vision systems. [headlamp with IR cut filter replaced by a locally produced KLW-1 Asteria thermal imaging camera].

Modernization with «naked» armor: Polish military are mastering T-72M1R tanks

The essence of modernization

During the modernization, digital radios and new means of communication for the crew were also installed.. Perhaps, This is the essence of the Polish modernization of the T-72M1 tank. The new version has the old V-46-6 engine with a power 780 hp, who acquired a digital launch system, keeping the maximum speed (to 60 kmh). The car is still devoid of dynamic protection., remaining covered only by their own armor. In this regard, it has the same mass in 41,5 tonnes.

In general, the T-72M1R has undergone a "cosmetic" upgrade, not far from the Soviet early modification of the T-72A. This tank "with bare" armor is still in operation in the Russian troops - so, machines of this type were seen in recent exercises in the Far East and the Urals (apparently, in newly formed units). therefore, perhaps, do not rush to criticize the Polish T-72M1R.

The delivery of these machines began at the end 2019 of the year. By the end 2025 they should be at least 230. This is a transitional solution, until a new tank is put into operation under the Wilk program
– reported in the Polish media.

Modernization with «naked» armor: Polish military are mastering T-72M1R tanks

used photos:Ministry of Defense of Poland

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