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Japan denies negotiating the deployment of US missiles

Japan denies negotiating the deployment of US missiles
Japan does not hold any talks with the United States on the deployment of American missiles in the region to counter China. The Nikkei newspaper writes about it.

Answering the question of the publication about the probable deployment of American missiles in Japanese territory to confront China, the Japanese government said, that they are not yet negotiating with the United States about missiles, but would generally welcome their placement in the Indo-Pacific.

Deploying new US missiles to contain China would be a plus for us
– said the source of the publication in the Japanese administration.

Earlier, the publication, citing the command of the US Armed Forces grouping in the Indo-Pacific region, reported, that the United States plans to deploy missiles to islands in the East China and South China Seas. It is proposed to deploy ground-based anti-ship complexes with a range of up to 200 km, as well as medium-range missiles. The missile launchers are planned to be dispersed, to reduce the threat of defeat.

The main task of this deployment, the US military calls “preservation of defense potential” in case of an attack by China. In total, the US government plans to allocate more than 23 billion. dollars over six years.

AT 2020 year, the US President's Special Representative for Arms Control Marshall Billingsley said, that the United States intends to negotiate the deployment of medium-range missiles in the Indo-Pacific region. Washington is convinced, that U.S. allies in Asia need U.S. missiles on their soil to defend against the Chinese threat.

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