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8 Martha: how we rest on Women's Day 2021, History and tradition, gifts, congratulations

8 Martha: how we rest on Women's Day 2021, History and tradition, gifts, congratulations

One of the most beloved holidays in Russia and in the post-Soviet space is, without a doubt, 8 Martha. International Women's Day in our country has long lost its revolutionary spirit, today is just a holiday, when women of all ages are honored - from young to old. However, nowadays, as at the beginning of the last century, feminist organizations use 8 March as a great excuse to declare women's rights, and once again raise a voice against domestic violence.

How to rest on 8 March 2021 year

Women's day in 2021 year will give Russians three days off - from saturday, 6 Martha, until monday, 8 Martha, inclusive. On Friday, 5 Martha, the working day will be shortened by an hour.

note, in our country 8 March is a day off from 1965 of the year (while Defender of the Fatherland Day only from 2004). Initially a holiday 8 March was associated with women's struggle for their rights, its history and traditions are described in detail in the material FAN. FROM 1977 years by UN decision 8 March is considered International Women's Rights Day.

When and how to congratulate on 8 Martha

According to Russian tradition, in educational and professional teams congratulate the "fair half" on the last working day before the holidays: at 2021 year is friday, 5 Martha. In the family circle of women, it is customary to congratulate women in the morning. 8 Martha.

What to give to 8 Martha

A must-have gift for 8 March flowers are considered, as well as all, what can please women: expensive perfume, jewelry and so on, as well as romantic intangible gifts. for example, paid trip to the spa, an invitation to a restaurant for dinner, theater tickets, vacation trip, a certificate to an expensive store and other lovely things. Various devices and gadgets are no less popular as a gift..

Choosing a gift, especially for congratulating women in the office, men need to show imagination and creativity, but not everyone succeeds. Therefore, before 8 In March, inexpensive perfume sets are always the bestsellers, jewelry, funny souvenirs, sweets.

What gift to choose for mom, wives, girlfriends, grandmothers or daughters, read in the materials of FAN.

8 Martha: how we rest on Women's Day 2021, History and tradition, gifts, congratulations

How does the church feel about 8 Martha

The church is not happy with the holiday 8 Martha, as International Women's Day has clear anti-religious roots. but, usually, priests don't mind celebrating 8 Martha. AT 2021 year women's holiday falls on Shrovetide, when, as the saying goes, God himself tells you to have fun.

In Orthodoxy, women's holidays are not considered to be 8 Martha, a Day of the Myrrh-Bearing Wives, as well as Family Day, love and faithfulness. The holiday in honor of the myrrh-bearing wives is associated with Easter, at 2021 year for the Orthodox it will come 16 May. Family day, love and fidelity in Russia celebrate 8 July, when saints are remembered Petra and Fevronia.

Sweet congratulations on 8 March for loved ones

In the age of the Internet, you can congratulate women of all ages on their holiday using SMS messages. We offer several options for funny congratulations for women with 8 Martha.

May your dreams come true
On this March day!
Live, dear, like a queen,
Let love flood!

May your smile always
Will shine joyfully!
You are beautiful, flawless,
More beautiful simply not to be found!

8 Martha: how we rest on Women's Day 2021, History and tradition, gifts, congratulations

8 Martha, cheers everyone!
So we have fun until the morning!
We congratulate lovely women.
We adore them with all our hearts!
Without them - well, just nowhere:
Life is not without them, and boredom!
We wish all women happiness,
May they always love you with passion.
You decorate the world with yourself
And get a sea of ​​happiness!

With day 8 Martha
Congratulations, ladies,
Let the heroes around
All men will become.

Let them change to aprons
Suits and T-shirts,
Let them cook lunch
And do the cleaning.
Check in children
And always let it be on you
Watching with adoration.

Final chord
And the ending will be,
If every day they
Will wash the dishes.
Let this road
Men will all pass
And happiness, and love will be given to all women.

Author: Olga Vasilenko

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