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US Air Force begins flight tests of a prototype hypersonic missile AGM-183A ARRW

US Air Force begins flight tests of a prototype hypersonic missile AGM-183A ARRW
The first prototype of the American promising hypersonic aeroballistic missile ARRW (Air-launched Rapid Response Weapon) prepared for independent flight. According to Flightglobal, the first flight of the rocket should take place before 7 Martha 2021 of the year.

According to the publication, prototype AGM-183A ARRW is completely ready, during the first flight, the operation of the accelerator will be checked. Previously, a mock rocket participated in the tests.. In June 2019 year, the first flight tests of hypersonic warheads with an AGM-183A ARRW air launch system took place.

Rocket AGM-183A ARRW is created in response to similar developments in Russia and China. B-52H Stratofortress strategic bombers will be the first to receive a hypersonic missile (four missiles for one strategist).

Development details were not disclosed, known, that the rocket can reach speeds up to 6,5 – 8 Makhov, will receive a solid-propellant engine and a detachable hypersonic gliding warhead with a nuclear or high-explosive part.

Work on a new rocket started in 2018 year under the US Air Force and Lockheed Martin contract for the creation of an ARRW hypersonic missile (Airborne Rapid Response Weapons). The agreement includes a critical review of the ARRW project, support of tests and preparation of the complex for production.

At the end 2020 it was reported, that work is progressing on schedule, the rocket should be ready in 2021 year, and the initial operational readiness – to 2022 year.

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