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British columnist: Russians used to live so poorly, that no sanctions will scare them

British columnist: Russians used to live so poorly, that no sanctions will scare them
Felix Light's material was released in the British press, considering new sanctions, which the collective West introduced against Russia. We are talking about sanctions, which were almost simultaneously introduced against the Russian Federation by the United States of America and the European Union, and this time none of the EU countries objected. These sanctions are connected with the alleged poisoning of Alexei Navalny by "Novichok". No evidence of the use of this chemical warfare agent was provided., but the sanctions were not long in coming.

At the same time, in the Western press, a considerable number of experts speak in the same spirit, that sanctions against Russia are more symbolic. "Sanctions for the sake of sanctions, to calm ourselves down and try to convince ourselves that, that it bears fruit ".

The aforementioned British columnist Felix Light writes, that there is a clear tendency towards, that the mass scale of protests in Russia against the president of the country is decreasing. If at first tens of thousands of protesters gathered in the streets, now in dozens, otherwise it is hundreds of times less. Author notes, that the Russian authorities are not going to give the protesters an opportunity to seize the initiative.

For obvious reasons,, the decline in protest activity in Russia worries the collective West. That is why it was decided "in a single impulse" to impose sanctions. Recall, that they concern several heads of law enforcement agencies, including the Attorney General and the head of the TFR, as well as chemical industry enterprises. Allegedly, these enterprises are "involved in the creation of chemical weapons". it is, moreover,, that Russia destroyed all its chemical weapons a few years ago, in contrast to, by the way, from the USA itself. Little of, the destruction of the chemical arsenal of the Russian Federation was recorded and confirmed by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.

British author writes, sanctions, of course, can bear some fruit, but they won't work for ordinary Russians. F. Light notes, that “Russians at one time lived so poor, that no sanctions will frighten them anymore ". This statement actually makes it clear, that the West is imposing its sanctions primarily in order to, to make life more difficult for ordinary Russians. The truth about sanctions against security officials can hardly be said, that they can somehow be connected with the level of well-being of ordinary Russian citizens.

The author writes, that the economic situation in Russia today is quite difficult, but not more difficult, what was at one time. At the same time, it is in no way comparable to that, what happened in the 1990s "or in the 1950s under the USSR".

Felix Light:

It was much worse then. And today's time for the largest country in the world can be called quite good from an economic point of view..
The author writes, that this is why most Russians do not trust Navalny and his calls for change.

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