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"Trying to portray us as invincible macho looks unnatural" – retired Indian Air Force officer on the celebration of the anniversary of the strike on Balakot

«Trying to portray us as invincible macho looks unnatural» - retired Indian Air Force officer on the celebration of the anniversary of the strike on Balakot
Retired Indian officers discuss the country's past weekend celebrations, which related to the "anniversary of the victory in Balakot". We are talking about events 2 years ago, when first Indian Air Force planes attacked Pakistani territory, pointing out, that the terrorist camp in Balakot was attacked, and then the Pakistani air force tried to conduct an operation over Indian territory. Then India lost the MiG-21, whose pilot ejected and was captured. Also among the losses is one of the helicopters of the Indian Air Force.. New Delhi said, that the F-16 of the Pakistan Air Force was also shot down, that Pakistan itself continues to deny.

The Wire provides the opinion of a retired Indian Air Force colonel (his name is not called). The officer says, that the pompous events to celebrate those events “look meaningless and even unjustified, as difficult negotiations with Pakistan continue today, aimed at de-escalation in bilateral relations ".

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We celebrate the attack on Balakot, but this will only intensify the contradictions between our powers, who have nuclear weapons.
Other statements by retired officers of the Indian Armed Forces are also cited in the material., that, It turned out, not at all happy about, that the authorities decided to celebrate the events 2019 of the year.

Indian columnist Rahul Bedi citing unnamed retired Indian Air Force Lieutenant Colonel:
We know about the success in Balakot. But to exalt yourself so publicly is useless.. It would be better if the enemy underestimated us.

We must be soft, but we must have a club in our hands. And all these attempts to portray us as invincible macho look unnatural.
The material also notes, that there are those, who even casts doubt on the effectiveness of strikes on Balakot. Really, the network has repeatedly published photos, which show, that the funnels from the use of aviation ammunition are located mainly behind 150-200 m from that infrastructure, which was designated as the infrastructure of militants on Pakistani territory. However, the Indian command argued then and is claiming now, that the operation was successful.

used photos:BBC India

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