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Concern "Kalashnikov" to supply the Ministry of Defense with target missiles "Armavir"

Concern «Kalashnikov» will supply the Ministry of Defense with target missiles «Armavir»
The Ministry of Defense signs a new contract for the supply of target missiles “Armavir”. This was reported by the press service of the GC “Kalashnikov”.

According to the contract, GK “Kalashnikov” will supply the Ministry of Defense 20 high-altitude target missiles “Armavir” to end 2022 of the year. The signed contract also provides for service, repair and refinement of production target missiles “Lightning” in military units and at training grounds.

Scientific and Production Association (NGO) “Lightning” and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation signed a contract for the supply 20 high-altitude target missiles “Armavir” in terms of air defense. as per the contract, “Lightning” will become the exclusive supplier of target missiles for the period until the end 2022 of the year
– It said in a statement.

According to a previously concluded contract, currently NGO “Lightning” is the only provider of services for the maintenance of target missiles and air defense range equipment of the country. In addition to previously delivered missiles “Armavir”, service covers target missiles “Shear”.

Currently in Russia there are about a hundred different kinds of targets for air defense troops. Most of them are established on the basis of outdated anti-aircraft missiles, decommissioned. Target missiles “Armavir” developed on the basis of the 5Ya23 anti-aircraft guided missile of the S-75 complex “Dvina”. Target rocket “Shear” created on the basis of missiles “5Я25М” and “5Я24” complex S-25M “Berkut”.

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