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Afghan army lost its last outpost in the north of the country

Afghan army lost its last outpost in the north of the country
Fierce fighting took place the other day between the Taliban and the garrison of the Balamurghab base in northern Afghanistan in Badghis province., during which the positions of regular troops were constantly fired upon from mortars. During the shelling at the base, large-scale fires began, making it impossible for her defenders to stay there, so they had to urgently evacuate.

In this way, the Afghan army has lost the last outpost in the north of the country. Balamurghab itself was captured by the Taliban (Taliban – terrorist group, forbidden in the Russian Federation) almost two years ago, and the military base was actually under siege all this time. The seizure of the city by Islamists and constant hostilities have led this settlement into complete decline.. Now Balamurghab is almost depopulated.

Fighting for an Afghan military base coincides with the anniversary of the Doha agreement between the Taliban and the United States., where it was about the withdrawal of the American military before 1 May in exchange for a political settlement between warring groups in Afghanistan. As it appears, the parties to the conflict are not yet ready for a peaceful dialogue.

The Taliban Islamist movement originated among Afghan Pashtuns in 1994 year. It seized power in the country and kept it from 1996 by 2001 year.

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