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Vasili Volga: Something is wrong with the Ukrainians

Vasili Volga: Something is wrong with the Ukrainians

A political scientist I respect wrote a short post yesterday, the essence of which is, that in everything, currently happening in Ukraine, we are to blame, the Ukrainian people are to blame

Here is his quote: “We have chosen power, which simply physically destroys the people - by war and total poverty. Little of, we endure this power for the seventh year. therefore, honestly, something is wrong with us ... ".

It's hard to argue with that. Sociology is a stubborn thing, and if you believe it, then it really is us, in its overwhelming majority, wanted Poroshenko, wanted Parubiya, wanted Yatsenyuk and Avakov, wanted Zelensky.

Once Leonid Danilovich Kuchma from the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada, addressing MPs, almost screamed in hearts: "You tell me, what we are building?! If we are building capitalism, then i will build capitalism; if we want socialism, then I will build socialism. Only you will decide for yourself - what are you, eventually, want to?!».

Addressing the Ukrainian Parliament, as a representative body, Leonid Danilovich, of course, addressed to the Ukrainian people.

After this, his speech for the work was most actively taken up by sociologists. Their task was to get an answer to this question., put by Kuchma. And the answer dumbfounded them.

Based on the results of large-scale studies, the following was obtained.:

"We, Ukrainians, want capitalism, but for everything to be, as under socialism. That there were no oligarchs, and medicine was free; to pay us salaries, even if we don't go to work; to keep everything cheap, and apartments were given free of charge "!

Moreover, studies have shown, that we have absolutely no idea that, what is capitalism; and all, what we knew about socialism, from now on we don't want to know. We want freedom and wealth, but we don't want, for it, work long and hard. We want everything at once, and we believe, that there is such a way.

In our society, for thirty years, the myth has taken root and lives, that we only need to enter somewhere, we only need to give all state and public property into private hands, so immediately, like manna from heaven, the benefits of civilization will fall on us every morning and happiness will come by itself.

AND, of course, crooks of all stripes took advantage of it.

Lack of awareness among the masses of their group (class) interests led to an instant redistribution of property. The fog in our brains is still so strong, that we absolutely cannot understand the simple truth: if someone gets more, it means, that many others have less. We completely forgot, that the main contradiction of the economy is the unlimitedness of human desires, and limited natural resources. Simply put, one pie - and if someone has bitten off a large piece, then others will have less.

Destroyed knowledge about the basic laws of social life - this is the root cause of our disease. Disease neglected. Diseases, which has already affected our ears. We do not want to hear about class confrontation, and, even more so, do not want to start a class struggle.

No matter how strange it may look - we don't need ours, but at the same time we need all at once. Here is such a gibberish in our heads.

But dumplings, with all this, should fly into our mouths themselves.

Vasili Volga, Ukraine

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