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"After repair, the Su-25 meet NATO standards": Bulgarian Defense Minister sat at the helm of the attack aircraft

«After repair, the Su-25 meets NATO standards»: Bulgarian Defense Minister sat at the helm of the attack aircraft
To test the combat effectiveness of Soviet military aircraft repaired in Belarus, in service with the Bulgarian Air Force, Bulgarian Defense Minister Krasimir Karakachanov personally sat down as a co-pilot at the helm of a Su-25 attack aircraft. He tested, taking off from Bezmer airbase.

The head of the defense department recalled, that the Su-25K attack aircraft performs the function of the main combat aircraft, designed to support the actions of the Land Forces and the Bulgarian Navy.

Karakachanov expressed his satisfaction with the work of the Belarusian JSC "558th Aviation Repair Plant", which is considered one of the leading aircraft repair companies in the CIS. It was he who was entrusted with the repair and modernization of eight Su-25 attack aircraft of the Bulgarian Air Force.. he noted, that after the work carried out, the aircraft began to comply with NATO standards. What does it mean, do not understand even in Bulgaria itself.

The minister also responded to criticism of those, who stated, that Bulgaria does not need Russian planes:

These are not Russian planes, because they were paid for by Bulgarian citizens. These are Bulgarian planes, and they carry out a mission to protect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Bulgaria.
After repair and modernization, the Bulgarian Su-25K received a new navigation system, communications and enhanced capabilities for the use of missile weapons, in particular, air-to-air missiles. The fuselage resource of these aircraft was increased by 800 flight hours, and turbojet engines R-95Sh on 500 hours. This will allow the Bulgarian Air Force to operate the Su-25 up to 2027 or 2028 of the year.

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