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"Will suit everyone": Berlin is ready to offer Washington a compromise on Nord Stream 2

«Will suit everyone»: Berlin is ready to offer Washington a compromise on «Nord stream – 2»
The German government has prepared a compromise on “Northern stream 2”, negotiations on it are planned to be held in the near future. This is reported by Vzglyad with reference to the German political scientist Alexander Rahr..

As the German expert said, Berlin has prepared a solution for the gas pipeline, which will suit both Germany and the USA, and also takes into account the interests of Kiev. Negotiations between Angela Merkel and Joe Biden regarding the gas pipeline are planned, but the exact date has not yet been determined.

Serious negotiations on “Nord stream – 2” between Joe Biden and Angela Merkel are not yet conducted, they just have to. But the most acceptable option for Germany is already clear
– said the political scientist.

According to the political scientist, as part of a compromise option, Germany will offer the following: Berlin will support the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine, while advocating the early completion of the gas pipeline to diversify fuel supplies. Besides, Berlin is ready to buy more liquefied gas from the USA. In Germany, they are sure, that this option will suit all parties.

At the same time, Rahr is sure, that in future “Northern Stream 2” will completely replace gas transit through the Ukrainian territory one by one, but very simple reason – the Ukrainian gas transportation system is extremely outdated and in a deplorable state.

Ukraine needs to carry out a gigantic work to modernize the entire gas transmission system, but no money, she has no will for it. And foreign money, Russian or western, she does not want to take - because then she will have to share the profit, and Ukraine still wants to receive one
– added a German political scientist.

Earlier in Berlin, it was announced that it was considering four options for “Northern stream 2”.

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