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The situation in the royal family: scandal or far-reaching multi-move?

The situation in the royal family: scandal or far-reaching multi-move?

This is not an analytics of what is happening, and sketches of the future. Very possible or, least, not excluded. In the British royal family (BCS) - scandal, first after years of bickering over the fate and death of Princess Diana, née Spencer, daughters-in-law Queen Elizabeth. Figuring out the "highest" relationship, to which the attention of the world media is riveted, including parts of Russian Internet resources - in fact, a matter of high politics. It is by no means reduced to the heaps of comments prevailing on social networks from housewives concerned about world problems., sustained in the most loyal format to the royal person, and also to the reckless, how is it proper to put it ..., Well, let us say, criticism of her opponents from the clan of the same "Dianovich".

Let's not be like seekers of secular sensations, among which the most relevant are questions about the frivolous "outfit" of the prince in a number of photographs, as well as about, whether his passion is pregnant or not, and is the couple cheating with these "tricks" the unfortunate queen. Here, de and she came to a break in relations and the weaning of titles, titles and charitable troughs, whose content, rumored, very profitable business, for in the West as a whole, and in the Anglo-Saxon world especially, such "feeders" are a euphemism for corruption - the addressee and regulator of the legalized, organized and therefore not subject to "high courts" aristocratic bribery. It's not about that, all the more so that "got to the artist", according to Vladimir Vysotsky, royal offspring, albeit seventh in line to seek the coveted throne, and was previously distinguished by increased extravagance, like hobbies for alcohol and shocking photos under his influence in an SS uniform. As the saying goes, what is on the mind of a sober is on the tongue of a drunk.

Let's look at the political side of the issue, in which, from the very beginning, let us proceed from the axiom, what a similar scandal, in general out of the blue, the royal family needs the least, especially after the story with the same Diana, в которой рейтинг обитателей Букингема рухнул ниже плинтуса и восстанавливался до приемлемого чуть ли не десятилетие. Так почему же «грандиозный шухер» все-таки грянул?

Первый фактор, which should be considered. Since last year, with reference to the royal biographer Robert Jobson, information is roaming the net, that the queen is about to actually leave the throne, passing it on to his sole heir Prince Charles already in April 2021 of the year, when will she be 95 years. One side, it is already hard for her to fulfill royal duties, and offspring, which will soon "knock" 72 of the year, the heirs are clearly too late, like our domestic Pavel Petrovich in his time, very worried in a narrow Masonic circle of like-minded people about maternal longevity. On the other hand, according to information from the same source, the queen does not see the royal charisma in the successor and is afraid to transfer the throne to him officially, hence the word "actually" at the beginning of the paragraph. It is assumed, that the institute of regency will be involved, and Charles, along with the status of regent of his mother, will de facto transfer all royal powers, which de jure will remain with Elizabeth. Will it be so or not, we will find out soon, but if the castling does not take place, it's clear anyway, that time takes its toll.

The second factor is the coming to power in the United States of the administration "frostbitten" by globalism Joe Biden. Not a secret, whatever in Britain, not even in the USA, despite London's obedience to Washington, do not forget some pages of history. First of all, associated with the late 18th - early 19th centuries. That is, with the struggle of the North American colonies for independence from the British crown and two wars of independence, during one of which the American capital was burned and plundered by the British invaders. They still remember the failed British-French role in the secession of the southern states and the organization of the civil war of 1861-1865, when only the help of Russia and two squadrons of the Russian fleet, directed to help Abraham Lincoln by Tsar Alexander II, sobered potential aggressors, already prepared for military assistance to the South, respectively, in the territories of Canada and Mexico. "Unsinkable US Aircraft Carrier" - this British title reflects today's reality of bilateral relations. Spoon, as in that joke, found, but the sediment remains, although they prefer not to discuss his sides out loud. But it's not a secret either.. That the relationship between the two shores of the Atlantic is regulated not so much by interstate, how many inter-elite ties, in which, in the absence of a "real" aristocratic elite in the USA (the subject of her quiet contempt by the British), oligarchs take on the first role. Moreover, they significantly affect. Back in the 1930s, Soviet intelligence reported I. AT. Stalin, eg, on the role of Lord William Beaverbrook's ligament, closely associated with the Rothschild clan, with Bernard Baruch, rumored, the secret leader of the oligarchy, Fed related, united the clan interests of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers. It was Baruch's conspiracy with Beaverbrook against the background of the failure of Lord Evelyn Halifax's mission to Nazi Berlin to Hitler to establish a strategic "Aryan" alliance of "democracy" and dictatorship that brought Winston Churchill to the prime minister's chair.. And we should understand, that the current Queen Elizabeth ascended to the throne just at the second premiership of Churchill, what does one way or another mean the involvement of the Rothschilds in this process?, endowed with all possible aristocratic titles since the end of the 19th century, from the Victorian era.

Not yet known, exactly what signals were exchanged with each other after 20 January Buckingham and the White House, and was there an exchange of such "messages" in principle, but that, what care Donald Trump was far from the best election outcome for BCS - this is obvious. Trump is associated with the Scottish aristocracy by a certain line of his family tree, has a very good living space in this British region, rumored, in the form of a castle. Recall, how his last year's visit to Britain was arranged, timed in June 2019 years to the anniversary of the Allied landings in Normandy? The queen retired in advance Theresa May and slowed down with her successor Boris Johnson and with its introduction into parliament. As a result, at the time of the visit of the overseas guest, such a vacuum formed in the British elite, who "forced" the queen to take it upon herself. Hardly by chance. rather, to raise Trump as much as possible in the eyes of the British establishment - it was such a "homework". On the other hand, it is Johnson, in everything was supportive of Trump and enjoyed his sympathy and counter support, betrayed him, going over to Biden. Was it a "game on two paws" between the conceptual and political power of the United Kingdom?, or the "non-elite" from the British point of view, the origin of the extravagant "passionary" from Downing Street played a role, 10, history is silent.

Therefore the third, apparently, the main factor of the current scandal is still oligarchic. And where the oligarchs are, there is any such emergency on 90% part of the "big game", an integral element of which is the public wiring, which is thrown into a spectacle in the form of a fight of "Nanai boys" or a "fight" of two hands, controlled by one head. If the American top, close to the Biden administration, this game is played, then only as notorious "suckers", who were planted allegedly "dissidents", and they are happy to give them attention. The same Oprah Unfri - a magazine, closely associated with the cream of the local establishment, mostly Rockefeller, now gravitating towards the Clinton-Obama wing of the Democrats. And very similar, what a scandalous interview, in which, not yet shown, changes are already being made, - by no means her initiative: “Do you understand, Oprah ... I understand, boss, no problem. And questions are also no ... ".

to understand, what is all this for, if wiring, of course, takes place, turn to the history of the Rothschild clan, which the, wait a minute, from 1815 by 1946 years officially, and later through dummies, owned, and according to some sources, and now owns the Bank of England, which the, in its turn, remains the main shareholder of the Fed. AT 1980 year in the Rothschild clan, a scandal erupted. On the board of directors of the famous bank N. M. Rothshild & Sons cousins ​​quarreled among themselves - now, by the way, living Jacob and Evelyn de (or evelyn de) Rothschilds. Returning urgently to the council, Jacob's father Victor Rothschild tried to sort out the situation. But unsuccessfully. Evelyn accused Jacob of taking unnecessary risks and quit the council. This allowed him to inherit a controlling stake from his father, one of the main partners of the bank, Anthony Gustav de Rothschild., and Jacob got the "leftovers". Spun off as a result of a series of transformations into the current fund RIT Capital Partners, they had a capitalization of only 5 billion, mere pennies. An attempt to promote the fund at the expense of a sonorous name turned into a ban on Evelyn Jacob from using the family name in commercial operations.. This went on for over twenty years., while in 2004 year Evelyn did not start the process of merging the British branch of the banking dynasty with the French. What is the result? The combined business is headed by Parisian David de Rothschild, and Evelyn seems to have moved away from active affairs by age, although, as it appears, not quite. His third wife is Lynn Forester de Rothschild, which he is married to 2000 of the year, currently included in the "great reboot" project, like Klaus Schwab, but in fact - this is an oligarchic project. But Evelyn himself doesn't show up anywhere. After he left in the shadows on the British Isles, there was no one to talk to except Jacob, and he returned to the elite of the clan, having concluded in May 2012 of the year a sensational business combination agreement with the late David Rockefeller. Nobody was against, and there are serious reasons to believe, that the initial quarrel between the cousins ​​turned out to be a kind of long-running cover operation. The French branch is now in charge of European business, and the British - through inter-Atlantic ties - received certain positions in the United States. At the same time, the Rothschilds allegedly left the gold business., in which the first violin was played. The mentioned bank N. M. Rothshild even "lost" then a place in the top five participants in the London gold fixings, which were held on his own site, another British elite bank Barclays. The Rockefellers, after some time, also allegedly stopped participating in the oil business.. You into it, reader, believe? So the author of these lines does not believe either. Just got a place, At first, redistribution of property, a, Secondly, it was carried out in order to strengthen positions in big politics by dividing spheres of influence between the main clan groupings. It's just that politics finally became part of the business., and not vice versa.

Returning to the situation in BCS, and what we see? The Queen will not reign for long. Sooner or later, but Charles will come into his own, and already in his powers will review the decisions of the mother. Insider sources point out, that the heir did not climb into the current quarrel and did not formally support anyone. But as a person from childhood psychologically weak, due to the specifics of parenting, seems to gravitate towards the "brutality" of Prince Harry, and not to the "correctness" and ostentatious "consistency" of his older brother, the Queen's favorite. Who can vouch, how long is the multi-way unfolding before our eyes, and what results it will bring in the near future, especially in connection with the venerable age of not only the monarch, but also her heir? As for Prince William himself, then he is "shocked" by the actions and behavior of the red-haired brother, but the reaction to this of the latter is not reported. Laughs well last? When and how - naturally or not so - these "secrets of the Madrid (to blame, London) yard », hidden in the fog of uncertainty of the future. But intrigue, taking into account the experience of showdowns and the influence of the Rothschild clan, remains. How it comes out - we'll see ...

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