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Ruselectronics has developed a new anti-drone complex "Zashchita"

«Roselectronika» developed a new anti-drone complex «Protection»
A new mobile anti-drones complex called “Protection” developed by specialists “Roselectronics”. This is stated in the message of Rostec.

The whole complex fits in those cases, its deployment requires 30 minutes. “Protection” able to determine the type of drone, suppress control of the drone in the radius 2 km regardless of the time of day and weather conditions.

The device is also capable of locating the drone control panel and breaking the communication link with the aircraft.. At the same time, the satellite navigation signal suppression system operates.
– It said in a statement.

The complex is invisible to enemy interceptors, it has a passive radar, using signals, emitted by external third party transmitters. The absence of an active locator allows you to remain unnoticed in the face of enemy opposition.

The new complex can be used both in the military, and in the civil sphere, especially, that passive radar does not require permission to use radio frequency channels.

The growing availability of unmanned aerial vehicles increases the risk of uncontrolled and illegal use (…) Therefore, today the holding's enterprises use new circuitry solutions when developing anti-drone protection equipment., allowing to ensure the security of the protected object as efficiently as possible
– said the CEO of the holding “Roselectronika” Sergey Sakhnenko.

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