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"We do not want a war with Russia and China": In the United States complained about the lack of air defense systems

«We do not want a war with Russia and China»: In the United States complained about the lack of air defense systems
The United States is closely monitoring Russian and Chinese investment in advanced missile technology, because they don't want war with them. General John Hayten, deputy head of the US Chiefs of Staff, said this.

The general appreciated the ratio “Russian nuclear forces” and American “deterrent capacity”. According to him, if we take into account the medium-range missiles of all types that Russia and China have and investments in them, then this is for the USA “challenge”. The United States needs to “diligent analysis” opportunities, how to counter Russian and Chinese missiles.

Because the last, what we want, so these are wars with Russia and China
– he stressed.

According to him, the US missile defense is currently focused on the DPRK threat, not directed against Russia, China or Iran, although the latter is also actively building new missiles.

At the same time, the general complained about the insufficient number of anti-missile systems to destroy missiles., since Patriot systems are “limited resource” and them “always not enough”. Hayten added, that even these complexes are not enough for sale to other countries.

If you look, how people buy air defense and missile defense systems in the world, they would like to buy Patriot, but we mostly don't have Patriot for sale, Besides, what have we already sold
– he said.

Earlier, the Pentagon recognized, that the American missile defense system will be able to intercept missiles from North Korea or Iran, but not designed for a missile attack by Russia or China.

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