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The Japanese were scared of the electronic warfare systems in the Kuril Islands, which are not even in the US Army

The Japanese were scared of the electronic warfare systems in the Kuril Islands, which are not even in the US Army

Нагнетая враждебное отношение японцев к нашей стране, пропагандистские органы Страны восходящего солнца представляют как «угрозу Японии» чисто оборонительные образцы вооружения, located on the Kuril Islands. With special zeal and enthusiasm, the Sankei Shimbun newspaper, a right-wing nationalist and Russophobic newspaper, is engaged in intimidation of its citizens.

With obvious dismay, the publication informs its readers:

"According to data from the Japanese Ministry of Defense, Russia has recently deployed on the northern islands (southern Kuriles - A. TO.) its latest electronic warfare systems (EW). Moscow is actively developing its potential for electronic and electromagnetic warfare. He is one of the strongest in the world.. Its effectiveness has been fully proven by events 2014 of the year, when, during the invasion of Crimea, Russian troops completely suppressed the Ukrainian armed forces by electronic means ".

The authors of the article call Russian developments unique, for, they complain, there are no such funds even in the US army. It turns out, With the help of the latest electronic warfare systems, the Russians can give target designations to their artillery, using mobile phones of enemy military personnel. This is how the "Sankei Shimbun" describes the miraculous possibilities of the electronic warfare means deployed in the Kuril Islands:

“Reconnaissance unmanned transporters are capable of moving to the front line of the defense and effectively intercepting the enemy's communication channels, including the work of the mobile phones of his military personnel. This information is sent by robots to the mobile command post., which can determine the points of radiation of enemy vehicles in GSM networks, highlight subscriber points among them (Cell phones, tablets and other communication systems), digitally map their locations, tie them to geographic coordinates and immediately transmit data about the location of subscriber points to artillery crews for a fire strike ...

Such know-how, instantly linking the elements of EW work directly with the actions of artillery and other military units, not yet even in the US Army. At this stage, only the Russian armed forces are capable of capturing micro-radiation from mobile phones and instantly targeting them. ".

The message seriously alarmed the Japanese, for now, according to the logic of Japanese journalists, every owner of a gadget in Hokkaido, becomes a "participant" in the fire guidance system of Russian artillery and missile systems. And it becomes impossible to hide from these electronic warfare and a flurry of fire from the territory of the Kuriles. But it just isn't explained, Why should Russian servicemen shell Hokkaido and the inhabitants of this island. And so readers get into a real panic., commenting on a provocative article by Russophobes: "Well, Russia is now our main enemy! They are already preparing for the targeted extermination of our military!», “Why are we so soft towards Russia?? Therefore, they place rockets on the islands., which can cover half of Hokkaido!». Right, looks like wringing hands in desperation with a cry: “Boss, everything is lost…"

Here is how other Japanese reacted to the alarm message "Sankei Shimbun" translated by Inosmi:

«Fvk Former Soviet Union, and now Russia is an existential threat to the people of Hokkaido! Russia should not be allowed to strengthen in the northern territories! Russia and China are friends behind our back. China may commit aggression against Taiwan and the Senkaku Islands. In this case, the Japanese government, no experience of management during the war, and in the Japanese self-defense forces, having no combat experience, chaos will arise!

It is necessary to deprive Russia and China of the veto right in the UN Security Council!

346 If Japan Demonstrates Its Weakness, then Russia easily “chops off” half of Hokkaido! We need to actively arm ourselves, to prevent this! We need to place rockets with us, which would fly at least to Vladivostok! We must have a powerful shield and sword!

Gsk Oholon a little! Otherwise you will wait, that the Russians will also deploy nuclear missiles on the northern islands! We need to put more pressure on Russia in terms of human rights. for example, insisting in international organizations on the need for democratization in Syria. And under the pretext of non-observance of human rights in Russia, stop buying oil and gas from it. Putting pressure on Russia is so easy!

Ltd. All sane people understand, against whom is Russia deploying the latest electronic warfare systems on the northern islands. Of course, against us! I think, that the Japanese government should have such sane people. But is it? Dear politicians from the ruling LDP, tell, can i trust you?!

Xsa What are these Russians doing? totally incomprehensible! I think, that it would be easier to deal with them, if (Russian - A. TO.) The Far East raised a war of independence! Good, if he completely broke away from the Center! And to that place, where is Putin, need to send nuclear missiles!

Come on What to China, what about Russia, that I have a disgusting feeling for South Korea! I don't see them differently, as enemies! I don't want to see any of their representatives in Japan!

yours!japp so here, what are they worried about in the northern islands with their latest electronic warfare systems! About shooting accuracy, on suppression of enemy communications and imitation of false signals! And they spend so much money on it! But someday their people will be angry!

I can So what will our glorious Japanese government do?? And the Ministry of Defense? There are at least a few smart people among the crowd of incompetent figures? Or, as usual, will end with blank shots of regret?

Dig Stop dancing around 1% from GNP for military spending! Need to be more serious!

Gon We must supply our Hokkaido with weapons! In addition, drive out all the Chinese from there., who bought land and real estate there! This alone will be of great benefit.!

GAMDAM Japan needs to acquire its own electromagnetic weapon!

Who How do you like this scenario? Indeed, in the thickness of the Earth near Hokkaido, a giant energy is concentrated. So let an earthquake take place under the Kuriles. All, what's on the surface, will go under water. And our Hokkaido will connect with the northern territories into one platform. Here is the solution to the "territorial problem". Fiction?

Taro But Russia itself is not easy. Surrounded by enemies on all sides. 140 million population - all concentrated around Moscow. To build military bases in such a wilderness in the northern territories, develop infrastructure - horror! And would return the islands, and immediately - friendship with Japan, economic benefits! Simpler than a steamed turnip!

Bay Hey, fools from parliament and ruling party, what will you do now? Already too late in everything! (laugh).

ae4 “Such know-how, There is not yet even the US Army that instantly connects the elements of electronic warfare work directly with the actions of artillery and other military units. At this stage, only the Russian armed forces have the ability to capture micro-radiation from mobile phones and instantly carry out accurate target designation on them ". What can be said? Sankei writes honestly and accurately. Yes, Russia is not the right country, with which to mumble!»

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