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experts: Initiative in Germany on the Ukrainian water blockade of Crimea – response to the actions of Kiev against the gas pipeline "SP-2"

experts: Initiative in Germany on the Ukrainian water blockade of Crimea - response to Kiev's actions against the gas pipeline «SP-2»
Russian politicians reacted to reports from Germany about the discussion in the parliament of this country of the Ukrainian water blockade of the Crimean peninsula. Recall, that a few years ago Ukraine blocked the North Crimean Canal, which led to a significant deterioration in the situation with fresh water on the peninsula. Thousands of Crimeans faced a shortage of fresh water. For a long time abroad, no attention was paid to this fact at all..

We now know, that the Bundestag plans to raise the issue of Ukrainian actions to cut off the water supply to Crimea. The initiators of the discussion of this topic were deputies from the faction "Alternative for Germany". The said party considers, that the Ukrainian authorities violate human rights, acting also against the interests of its own citizens.

Germany recalled, what Ukraine itself constantly says about, that Crimea is its "integral part". At the same time, at last, Western politicians expressed bewilderment regarding, how you can deprive a vital resource, which is water, citizens of their own country.

In Russia, responding to this initiative of German parliamentarians, mark, that the Bundestag can now adopt a resolution, which will require Kiev to end the water blockade of Crimea. In particular, noted, that in the Bundestag itself it will be difficult to ignore the issue of the Ukrainian water blockade, after all, there are constantly raised topics about the need to respect human rights.

In this context, the question arises, what rhetoric will Kiev choose, if German MPs take measures to force Ukraine to restore water supply to the Crimean Peninsula.

Experts meanwhile note, that on the part of Berlin these are retaliatory actions against Kiev for trying to disrupt the completion of the construction of "Nord Stream-2". If Ukraine does everything, to disrupt gas pipeline construction (including appeals to the President of the United States), then Germany is ready to show its readiness to find leverage over Kiev.

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